Daniel Pinchbeck on The Psychedelic Revolution

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In this episode Daniel and Amrit talk about capitalism as a transitory structure which is not innate to the human principles of coexistence. They dive deep into how we need to move to a new stage of consciousness, one that is based on cooperation and not competition, to help us make the necessary shift to overcome the global challenges we are facing right now.


In traditional cultures, the purpose of rites of passage is to drive young members of the tribes to overcome their ego identity. They undergo a vision process which are then honored and welcomed back in the community. Once they have been through this passage, they have the capacity to take responsibility for the community as a whole, overcoming self-interest when necessary.


In a parallel way, we have subconsciously self-willed the ecological damage in order to force ourselves to break free from limiting egoism. Going through a universal crisis, humanity can overcome individualism, becoming self conscious of a regenerative biosphere, constructing a new social design based on shared responsibility.


At the heart of most rites of passages are psychedelic experiences. Many cultures believed using psychedelic plants properly helped them connect to their truth, others didn’t have access to psychedelic plants because they reached other dimensions naturally. People who used these plants or naturally reached other dimensions of consciousness were repressed with christianity and the inquisition. 


Nowadays there is a huge interest in psychedelics. Back in the 60’s, these substances were considered by the top psychiatrists amazing things that allowed a new access to understanding dimensions of the human psyche. The US government and others used to connect them with the green movement, considering them a threat to society. They were repressed for over 35 years. Daniel’s book Breaking Open the Head in 2002, helped begin to shift the mainstream consciousness around this. 


The generation of teenagers that began with those substances in the 60’s have matured. Daniel believes it is time for our society to be able to reintegrate these things, what their value is and what they can do. 


We need to change globally and it is only when we see ourselves as one planetary community that this can happen. Humanity has self-willed the ecological crisis in order to create required conditions for transcendence of our quality present experience, going through initiation on a planetary scale. 


This collective tribulation is necessary for us to evolve from our current level of consciousness to the next. By doing this we are aware of us as one unified being, a planetary organism in mutual beneficial relationship with nature and current systems. Everything from energy and agriculture, to culture, politics, media and ideology. 


Pinchbeck calls for responsibility to transform capitalist structures into cooperative ones, based on Eastern metaphysics, social ecology, and radical political thought.


About Daniel Pinchbeck:

Daniel is a writer, philosopher and speaker. 


Daniel is a curator at Regenerative Future and the Editorial Director of Liminal.news, a new media company and web magazine. He co-founded the web magazine, Reality Sandwich, and Evolver.net, and edited the publishing imprint, Evolver Editions. He founded the think tank Center for Planetary Culture, hosted the talk show Mindshift on GaiamTV and co-hosted retreats to Costa Rica and Colombia.


Daniel is the author of numerous books including Breaking Open the Head, How Soon Is Now and his latest book When Plants Dream: Ayahuasca, Amazonian Shamanism, and the Global Psychedelic Renaissance. 


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  • Welcome Daniel Pinchbeck to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • What are “rites of passage”?:(03:05)
  • Rites of passage to become an adult:(04:22)
  • Why we lost our rites of passage: (06:27)
  • Rites of passage as psychedelic experiences: (09:36)
  • Renaissance around rites of passage: (10:44)
  • What is calling in this renaissance:(12:56)
  • Time to reinvent ourselves: (14:50)
  • A planetary rite of passage to take society to another level: (19:55)
  • What the future looks like if we transcend competition into cooperation:(22:36)
  • The responsibility of transcending structures to displace power: (26:08)
  • What universal basic income means to Daniel:(29:45)
  • Inspired Evolution according to Daniel: (39:50)


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