Amrit Sandhu is an awarded international speaker and acclaimed global coach. He is the founder of the Inspired Evolution and host of the prominent Inspired Evolution Podcast.

Certified by Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening, Amrit is both a Mindvalley Master Certified Trainer and Mindvalley Certified Coach. As one of the three founding global Mindvalley Master Certified Coaches – he coaches a diverse range of remarkable leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, change-makers, and coaches all over the world.

Amrit travels the world delivering transformational experiences through keynotes, seminars, and workshops on personal development, purposeful living and spiritual entrepreneurship. His work through the Inspired Evolution and Mindvalley inspires and impacts the world throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and Northern America.

Connection. Contribution. Celebration.
Amrit’s values clearly define his work as a Speaker, Podcaster & Coach. His gift for sharing impactful ideas & insights with clarity & unrivaled enthusiasm – enables him to engage audiences from all over the world. Ranging from corporate training environments, to universities, work-sites, schools, conferences, events, retreats and beyond.

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Amrit Inspires & Facilitates Transformation

Amrit is an internationally awarded inspirational speaker. Speaking on transformation and meaningful living. He travels the world delivering keynotes at Universities, Mindvalley Events, Global Events, Organisations such as  PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Salesforce, GippsTech, & more. 


Amrit Ignites Massive Action

Amrit develops the aware leader within you. Learn how to access happiness in the moment and simultaneously create your ideal future from someone who’s done it. Are you ready to live on purpose, with flow, realising the true fillment of your being? Start your radical transformation with one-on-one coaching to find your purpose and integrate the tools to live an extraordinary life.


Amrit Helps You Share Your Message

Amrit knows how to connect, inspire and impact the masses. Occasionally Amrit will work with select authors, entrepreneurs and businesses. Helping you to spread your message globally. If you’re inspired by the Inspired Evolution online and want to have your own impact on the world. We’re inspired by your vision already. Let’s make an impact together. Get in touch.


"We’re basically on the same mission!"

Dr John Demartini
World Leading Authority on Human Behavior & Performance

"Amrit is a beautiful man. The moment I met him - I just loved him! Because he just is unapollogetically who he is!”

— Panache Desai
Spiritual Leader & Best-Selling Author

"Thank you Amrit keep up the good work! I’m so glad that you’re sharing these ideas and stimulating such thought!”

— Dr. Rupert Sheldrake
Quantum Biologist & Author

"Amrit is really good! He does not mess around! I appreciate that!"

— Steven Kotler
New York Times Best-Selling Author
& Founder Flow Research Collective


“Amrit is awesome! He has a gift!”

— Miroslav Petrovic
TEDx Speaker

“Inspired Evolution are my people! They're so insightful and so much fun!"

— Gahmya Drummond-Bey
Teacher, TED Speaker, TED Resident, PeaceCorps

“Amrit is amazing! He asks great questions and is so much fun!”

 — Regan Hillyer
Successful Entrepreneur, Speaker & Mindset Coach

“Amrit is just awesome! I had so much fun! He's like a brother to me! I just love him!”

— Dr. Dain Heer
World-Renowned Speaker, Best Selling Author of 10 books, and Co-Creator of Access Consciousness

“The work of the Inspired Evolution is great!"

 — Gelong Thubten
Monk, Speaker, Author & Meditation Teacher




“Amrit has such a natural style I truly appreciate his outlook! So refreshing! Thank you!”

 — Eric Edmeades
Serial Entrepreneur, International Business Teacher, Speaker & Author


“The world needs more love and through the Inspired Evolution we are promoting community, happiness, fulfillment, purpose and being kind and loving to each other!”

 — Steve Cotter
Internationally Acclaimed Mind-Body Fitness Expert