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Experience rapid transformation with Amrit’s one-on-one coaching.


Amrit delivers corporate key notes, seminars and and training programs. 


Amrit hosts, facilitates and delivers keynotes at conferences, festivals, fundraisers and networking events.


Amrit helps entrepreneur, authors and businesses set up and run their podcasts.


The Inspired Evolution is a movement dedicated to personal growth and purposeful living. Our mission is to inspire and to facilitate evolved ways of being, living and thinking through meditation, education and wisdom. Our belief is that inspired and aware people are the key to positive personal and global evolution. The evolution of the individual impacts the evolution of the planet because as we evolve the world around us evolves.

The Inspired Evolution operates on an important set of fundamental values which we believe are key to creating a purposeful and fulfilled life. These are growth, transformation, purposeful living, connection, unity and envisioning. Our vision is a world full of self realised, fulfilled and happy people living their true potential, taking massive action in creating the life they love and in doing so inevitably creating a more harmonious and unified world.

Services offered to support our mission include keynote speeches, corporate programs, seminars, individualised coaching, the Inspired Evolution podcast and podcast mentoring.

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