1 Man, 10 Years, 100 Goals: How Fully Lived Dreams Result in Financial, Location & Time Freedom! with Tal Gur

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In this episode of Inspired Evolution, we are Inspired by Tal Gur… 1 man, 10 Years, 100 Goals ! Not just your everyday goals, but Bucket List Goals involving all aspects of life. Tal categorized these goals: Health, Wealth, Knowledge, Contribution/Spiritual, Business, Social/Family, Travel, Adventure and More.

Tal wrote down a list of 100 life goals and accomplished them !!! He finished triathlons, started up businesses, traveled to incredible places… He has had epic experiences and now continues living the dreams.

Tune in as we explore the wisdom he has to share from within his unique story. We get an insight into his upcoming book: The Art of Fully Living and explore his offerings as he not only inspired but coaches people into financial, location and time freedom through his work www.fullylived.com.

Tal is a Digital Nomad, Adventurist, Author, Coach, and Futurist. Tal sees himself as a Growth Agent and a Collector of Experiences! I deeply enjoyed this conversation where Tal shares the fundamental importance of BEING your-total-awesome-self and his abundant wisdom on time freedom, location freedom, and location freedom.


We discuss how death defines life and why you shouldn’t delay your dreams. We explore what a gift crisis can be in one’s life. And how Your fears are pointing you to your direction/mission. We talk at length about one’s mission and how you don’t need to know the entire landscape of where you’re headed before you start; your mission is constantly unfolding and you don’t really need to know your vision to be devoted to it ! As such the importance of being both Firm and Flexible emerged.

To fully live, there are many areas of life to master. Especially as everything is connected, your health to your sociability to your wealth, etc. Intriguingly we explore how different skills acquired on Tal journey to accomplish his 100 goals all impacted other aspects of his life unexpectedly. So, what is Tal doing now having fully lived? He is here in Service, here to Contribute.

Tal shares the framework of his contribution and coaching: where Modern slavery is described by having a 9 – 5 Job with an excessive lifestyle. He then coaches people towards developing an Active Online Income and shifting to a Moderate Lifestyle. Ultimately helping people achieve Time, Location and Financial Freedom through the development of a Passive Online Income with a Minimalist Lifestyle.

Tal affirms that You can have amazing experiences without having a lot of money. The idea that you need a lot of money to travel abundantly is a limiting belief. Often living overseas can be cheaper than living at home. Fundamentally, happiness is associated with being experience rich; not financially rich.

This conversation is extremely valuable it shows you what you can accomplish if you get determined and take massive action. Tal’s story conveys that everyone is here to achieve/deliver something different and make us question everything we’ve thought about how to do this. In this conversation, we discuss Tal Gur’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story about measuring death and therefore fully embracing life and never delaying your dreams… the time to take action… is Now!


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