Serve Love and Live Big with Ajit Nawalkha of Mindvalley

by | Apr 1, 2018 | INSPIRED EVOLUTION PODCAST | 0 comments

In this episode of Inspired Evolution, we welcome the coaches coach and entrepreneur like no other: the Inspiring Ajit Nawalkha. Ajit is the co-founder of Evercoach and Blink-Webinars. He is also renowned as CEO of Mindvalley. He also helps other business as a mentor in a private mastermind, Zentrepreneur. Ajit also sits on the board for companies like Digital Academy India, Omvana, and Mindvalley Italy.

Ajit Nawalkha doesn’t focus on profit, revenue, sales, or customer surveys to grow his companies. He’s even dopped products if they don’t align with his message even when they’re highly profitable. Although he may be unconventional, he is certainly inspirational. Mindvalley alone now has more than 3 million students worldwide.

Ajit stays focus on his values of Service and Love and allows his mission to create life-changing experiences for his customers, to shine. He enables life-changing expereinces by employing some of the most powerful speakers and thought leaders of our time.

Ajit’s focuses on creating “heart-centered experiences” rather than products. And he believes this is the key to Mindvalley’s success in it’s larger than life quest to move all of humanity forward. In this unique interview, you will learn more about the man behind the vision and success.

Ajit and Mindvalley have risen to the top by focusing not on conventional indicators of growth, but on making the world a better place, one experience at a time.

Ajit is committed to serving people and enabling their highest potential and facilitating transformation. He believes in humanity and strives to help in unlocking maximum human potential. In this conversation, we explore Ajit’s life story and we discuss his philosophies and passions that drive him.

This conversation is about authentic heart centred entrepreneurial success. It is extremely valuable it demonstrates the possibility latent within one’s self, yearning to live to the fullest. Ajit’s story is one that reflects that everyone has the potential to make a remarkble imapct on the world. In this conversation, we discuss Ajit Nawalha’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story about getting totally conscious about your relationship with yourself to live the life of your dreams.