Living a Deeply Meaningful Life with Beata Alfoldi

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There is a Deep Meaning to Life. In this episode of Inspired Evolution, our reason for being is Inspired by Beata Alfoldi. Beata facilitates 1-on-1 healings, 9-month mentorships for women, global retreats, sacred birthday ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, she presents at festivals, all these incredible offerings have her traveling around the world (nationally, here in Australia, Bali, Mexico, Thailand, Peru and Europe).

Beata features as one of 5 Australia women in a documentary series called Women of Heart, which is based on the work of Maureen Murdoch (a story of the Heroine’s journey vs. David Campell’s famous Hero’s Journey).
She also has her own book coming out later this year.

She generally works with people that have hit “rock-bottom”. These people may have spent many years with scholars, practitioners, therapists, psychologists, etc. She helps people uncover their innate potential and true self can before school, before parents, before religion, before governments, before anyone or society told them who to be.

In this conversation, Beata boldly shares her own personal vulnerable tragedy of losing her just born child. It was at the same time in her life that she lost her mother to cancer and her also a separation from her husband due to the pressure of this phase of her life. She potently describes how that brought her to a deeper connection with death and therefore, ultimately life and herself.

“Once I was stripped of everything I identified with, it became clear who I wasn’t.” – Beata Alfoldi.

Beata shares her own transformative journey from being a world-class dancer to a choreographer, to a yoga teacher, to running a yoga business through to where she is today, facilitating healing for people all over the planet.

She shares her piece on the amazing optimal potential of humans and the collective awakening that we’re always going through. She highlights the life-affirming changes that individuals are taking for themselves and for the planet at the present moment in time. She’s fascinated with the new leadership that is now making decisions beyond profits.

Beata goes on to describe her philosophies on “Walking the Path of the Pathless”. Carving your own unique life, evolving to your own unique inspirations. We have a great conversation about embodying a moment-to-moment relationship with your life through meditation and meditative practices so that you stay connected to your inspirations and your personal evolution.

“Nobody really knows what’s next” – Beata Alfoldi.
So can you still trust the unfolding of life and take action from that place?

Beata shares that Nature is a reflection of Truth. Nature is Dynamic and therefore the Truth is Dynamic. She uses this to explain why so many of her corporate clients are so burned out. They are disconnected from their true self.

Connection to Self and Nature is at the heart of this podcast. She invites us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level which supports our connection to others and the planet. Beata highlights that the internet facilitates greater connection and therefore a greater global awareness that helps create monumental shifts for humanity.

We lightly discuss the nature of how inner changes are reflected in the wider politics or current society, as individuals are growing more and more open-minded, so does society with women’s right, same-sex marriage, etc.

An incredible conversation about Sadhana opens up about halfway through the podcast, where we discuss that although we’re not blind to the atrocities of the world we continually cultivate a positive outlook to ensure that is the change we reinforce and bring into the world.

“We’re interested in Solutions, not Problems.” – Beata Alfoldi.

It’s important to remain open to new things that inspire and encourage evolution but also maintain 100% discernment. Beata explains the vital difference between discernment and judgment. Discernment is about knowing who we are and trusting our intuition towards what we naturally gravitate towards or don’t; rather than labeling things and judging them as needing improvement or good.

Beata explains how she became a potent catalyst for change. She realized that people were naturally accessing her for deep transformation and support it became her service to offer that more and more widely. We discuss the role of passion and purpose. Beata explains that our passions come into full focus once we know who we are. But finding out who we take time. Often we don’t give ourselves the time due to our own commitments or social expectations.

To find out who we are and connect withourselves more deeply, in conjunction with giving ourselves time, Beata once again suggests reflecting on our relationship with time.

“The more we come to the realization that one day we’re going to die, the greater and fiercer our drive to live” – Beata Alfoldi.

The alternative is that we will, unfortunately, day-dream our lives away. Beata regrets that so many people live a life of quiet desperation.

What if you were on your death bed and the person who you are now meet the person you would’ve been with no regrets and no fear. How would you feel in that moment?

We discuss the fear of death and how that actually reflects our fear of life.

She encourages us to take our fears and roleplay them in our mind with “what-if” to the n’th degree. Eg. If you lose your job, the worst case scenario may be that you end up house-sharing or on a friends couch for some time – the point is that it is never as bad as the fear actually makes you feel that it may be.

So Beata calls on us to live a more spiritual and more connected life. She calls on us to live a life that inspires us and others. And it does not have to be grand – it could be making a different choice at breakfast, smiling while you walk,  reaching out to you neighbor – cultivating little acts of kindness to navigate past the rigidity and insidious ingraining of routine.

We are always guided and supported through the process of life. Beata reminds us that if we look back on our lives, every step of the way, every meeting, every opportunity, every loss, every win lead us to exactly where we were meant to go. Inviting us to trust, Beata calls on us to learn from our mistakes and grow and grow and grow. It’s a call to be Inspired… to Evolve !

Finally, This is a conversation for the soul. Beata affirms non-denominational spirituality, honors each individual’s unique connection to themselves, to nature and their spirituality. SHe also illuminates the interconnectedness of our mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Beata’s story invites us to trust, believe and have faith in the great mystery and blessing that is life whilst really forgiving (not forgetting) what does not serve you. In this conversation, we explore Beata Alfoldi’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of her success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story that reminds us that we are all here to live our dreams. Beata inspires a life of healing, transformation, and growth. Life is sacred and its upto us to honour it as best we can; and in doing so we may just be surprised by how much life really has to offer.

Get Inspired !