Benny Fergusson the Movement Monk on How to Heal your Mind-Body Connection

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Benny was quite active until his unfortunate spinal injury which led to chronic scoliosis. After living with pain for years without getting any lasting relief from therapy, he went on a mind and body healing which profoundly changed his life. With years of research, practice and meditation art, Benny has successfully restored his physical freedom. This has paved the way in establishing a method of functional movement, developed with the intention to restore the body to its natural powerful state called “The Movement Monk Project”. He has been working as a physical therapist and movement teacher for over 16 years and is also a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Patterning (NLP).


Tune In:

  • Manifestation of Consciousness in the body. Benny shares to us his knowledge of how our mind and body can have two different conversations in terms of affecting our nervous system. The whole somatic reality of mind and body reflects each other. Listening to the body could help us connect to who we really are, for us to have a harmonious moment within ourselves. He further elaborates the unfolding process of consciousness. By expanding perception, allowing flowing energy, freedom of breath, movement quality, and movement capacity, we are able to fully reconnect with our body and gain freedom.

    “The body is a wonderful reflection of what’s going on with the mind…”

  • The 4 Villians Sabotaging Your Listening. There are 4 villains that can show up depending on the situation we’re listening in. And situation to situation – we listen differently in different contexts and scenarios. The Dramatic Listener loves listening to the emotions of your story but their orientation is themselves. The Interrupting Listener comes with good intention but is relatively impatient in finding a solution. To be so self absorbed by your thoughts or devices describes a Lost Listener. Lastly, the one who excitedly anticipates the future, trying to solve the problem before completely hearing it all is the Shrewd listener. You can take a 7 minute quiz to identify your listening villains at listeningquiz.com.

    “Listening is situational, relational, and contextual.”

  • The Building Blocks. At some point in our life, we’ll have at least one song that would touch our heart; a song perfectly needed at the moment. Benny metaphorically used music to expand on the modular processes of the five building blocks in discerning our highest need.

    “If there’s anything within us that’s like a handbrake on… When we get into that space where we’re using our bodies, moving our bodies or working with our bodies with that internal hand break off, then it just makes the process a lot more graceful.”

  • Symptom versus essence of an intention. Everyone has their own share of uniqueness and Benny further delves into how we are all subjected to a certain level of conditioning in our society. Know how this cultural set up has brought about emerging patterns of safety and belongingness issues.. When we’re not feeling safe, our body is unfocused and unable to feel what’s going on. This will consequently manifest as symptoms. Benny goes on by describing how to respond rather than react to these body sensations through his process called “Break Through Your Pain”.

    “If you can listen to the whispers then the body doesn’t need to scream.”

  • Wisdom of the body and burning out. All living things go through the cycle of activity, rest and charged momentum. Benny also went through a lethargic phase from his aggravated spinal injury. This rest cycle has fuelled his desire to search for his midpoint between bringing restfulness into the acts he was doing. Get to discover how situations can often come as opportunities for you to connect towards greater levels of alignment. Consciousness is not bound by time and sometimes rest is needed to have the energy to take on what’s coming.

    “Find the balancing counterpart to support them on their own journey”


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