Born Again at 60: It’s Never Too Late to Start a New Life with John McDonough

by | Sep 24, 2017 | INSPIRED EVOLUTION PODCAST | 0 comments

In this episode of Inspired Evolution, we are graced with John McDonough to discuss what it takes to start living the life of your dreams as we explore the wisdom he has to share from his unique story. He went from living the Corporate American-dream Life, being the chief executive managing over $250 billion dollars in assets for companies such as AT&T and Shell to now embracing early retirement and traveling around Australia living the Camper Van Life – All in the pursuit of living a life of deeper Meaning and Contentment. We explore this journey with him and how he got to where he is today – a nomad who at the inspiringly ripe young age of 62 feels more doors opening for him than ever before.

This conversation is extremely valuable it shows you that everyone is here to achieve/deliver something different and that it is never too late to find a direction with greater meaning or purpose in your life. It also sets an example that perhaps the corporate lifestyle leaves a lot to be desired even after you’ve reached the very top. In this conversation, we discuss John McDonough’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story about embracing life with enthusiasm and finding/forging your own unique path. Always. Enjoy.