How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Rebecca Boatman

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In this episode Rebecca and Amrit talk about what a relationship is all about and how to keep the spark alive. They dive deep in how you can show up with an open heart, despite the fears to create a healthy relationship you love.

Rebecca Boatman is a relationship expert, go-to-love coach and graduate of several emotional intelligence academies. She is the founder of The Brave Movement.

Starting a relationship can be challenging. People have a prototype of a thriving relationship based on what they see as they grow up and limiting beliefs. So when they get into a relationship, quite often they step into it with an inharmonious and unhealthy blueprint.

To attract someone, you have to do it from an empowered place, that is being aware of limiting beliefs and having a vision of what you want. This can help you step out of the protector/provider cycle.

Choosing powerfully can be done throughout the entire dating process, as long as you take responsibility and celebrate the victories. By doing this, you are consciously co-creating a relationship. And co-creating depends on who you are being.

Vulnerability is crucial to build connections. It can be scary but the more you access it, the easier it gets. When you feel overwhelmed it is because there is something you don’t want to face. This is an indicator that you should look into this. If you do so, time expands.

You need to take care of the relationship with yourself before you step into a relationship. That relationship is going to be the reflection of the type of relationships you allow into your experience.

When people meet someone for the first time, they often meet their mask and not who they truly are. This comes from the need to fit in. In order to connect, you have to get rid of the mask and embrace all your qualities as well as your flaws.

People in a relationship often see things in their partners that they don’t see in themselves. These are opportunities to converse trustfully and let in what the other has to say. Not only does the relationship grow but each individual does too.

Giving each other the space to be whole individuals is important. When both partners do this and respect it in one another they will avoid a codependent relationship.

Sometimes one partner is open to growth and the other one is not. Love and accept your partner unconditionally by setting an example, and be willing to see that they desire this too. You have the power to let go of control and come into this authentic place of love.

Communication and trust are key in a relationship. When you communicate with someone else, your energy must match the words you say so others can believe them. You must be transparent. If there is no communication, how can there be trust?

Many people wish their relationships were like when they first met, they fantasize about the past. If that happens, interrupt that thought and fantasize about what you are creating.

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  • Challenging trauma on trauma: (05:12)
  • Reclaiming the power of choice: (06:34)
  • Co-creation in a relationship: (07:59)
  • Relationships a focus point in Rebecca’s journey: (10:57)
  • Vulnerability to build connection: (13:31)
  • The relationship with ourselves going into a relationship: (15:23)
  • Navigating the “ambassador face” when you first meet someone: (16:20)
  • Seeing things in others that they don’t see in themselves: (19:23)
  • Relationships where one partner is open to growth and the other is not:(22:07)
  • About communication, trust and relationships:(27:02)
  • Self love to hold a relationship: (31:20)
  • Getting hung up on the first phase of a relationship: (33:59)
  • Keeping the spark alive: (36:14)
  • Relationships as a mirror of the soul: (38:22)
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