Calibrate Life through Health with Marko Petrovic

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In this episode of Inspired Evolution, we welcome the humble yet fierce Marko Petrovic… Marko is a Holistic Coach, Entrepreneur, Author and International Speaker. He supports high-performing women and men to supercharge their lives using his very simple approach the: Calibrate Method. A combination of the latest breakthrough research with age-old wisdom from ancient civilizations that challenge mainstream thinking to get fast sustainable momentum. In the background, Marko also builds and supports businesses, events and community gatherings that help bring humanity together in the industries of health education, human development, and organic agriculture.

He shares his insight that health is individual for everyone. No two people are the same. We explore the distinct difference between Health and Fitness. Fitness is superficial. Health is innate. Health is from within. Your Health is your Own.

We discuss Dis-Ease. Literally just how being healthy is about being at Ease. Anything putting you out of ease – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual gives way to Dis-Ease. Which, god forbid, gives way to Disease. Again, on the Inspired Evolution which appears as a continual theme – we unpack he crisis/dis-ease presents itself as a warning/catalyst for change towards the better.

We discuss the health wisdom from Ancient Cultures (Ayurveda, Chinese Herbalism, Taoist, etc.) that inspire and inform Marko’s potent international offerings. He explains why and how he refers to this wisdom as the domain of health has been mapped out to such simple understandings based on time-immemorial understandings of Nature. He marvels at how this understanding is more profound than the current day modern mainstream fitness paradigms; although the instruments to measure and assess health and science today appear to far superior than in ancient times.

Naturally, we then discuss living in alignment with Nature, why and how. Marko is a trans-generational Bee-keeper and owns, manages, upkeeps, runs an organic farm that also welcomes regular health retreats. So we also deeply discuss permaculture and agriculture.

Marko also embellishes that health is a never-ending journey and continually evolves as we evolve. Marko reflects on the mirrors of going deep on his journey of health and how that reflects, catalyzes and accompanies one’s deep spiritual journey. Spirituality and Wellness are Woven. Both being individual and unique to each person.

This conversation is extremely valuable it emphasizes the key role health plays in supporting you to “live your gifts”. Marko’s story is one that reflects that everyone’s health and spiritual journey are unique. We also go deep into understanding living in alignment with nature, from the elements, to our plate, from the farm and beyond… In this conversation, we discuss Marko Petrovic’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story about defining, embracing and finding your own conscious paradigm of health so that you can go out there and live the gifts that life has innately bestowed upon you… The gifts the world needs!

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