Clyde Fernandez: The Future of Leadership

by | Jun 8, 2020 | INSPIRED EVOLUTION PODCAST | 0 comments

Clyde Fernandez is an exceptional business leader who coaches and helps people realise the leader within. As a career technologist who works for Salesforce and several other companies in the financial service and health industries, Clyde helps organisations and stakeholders connect through reimagined platforms and systems. He has been successful in sharing his perspectives on a broad range of topics like “The future of the work”, “How to succeed in a constantly growing VUCA world” and “Why Equity & Ethics matter, now more than ever”.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll hear:

  • Gratitude and Recognizing That We Are Social Being. Traversing in this current paradigm and being in a lockdown is an amazing opportunity to recognize that we are social beings. It’s the best time realign our goals and identify processes on how to best support each other’s well-being. It is important to practice gratitude and can-do attitude to be able to successfully cope through these trying times.

    “We are all capable of all things given the right circumstance.”

  • Servant Leadership and How to Lead in Service. Leadership in service so others can be in their best, is the ultimate goal of a servant leader. Listen to people and make them feel that they are working in a psychologically safe environment. Being dedicated to the success of the employees’ will resonate positive productivity and amazing customer experience. Thus, a successful organization or business is always driven by happy, secure and fearless employees.

    “Get your people feeling amazing and they would do amazing things.”

  • The Connection Between Leadership and Well-Being. Have a growth mindset and always strive for learning. Create a circle of safety to encourage learning. It’s also equally important to have fun to drive energy and passion within. Establish trust, customer success, innovation, and equality. In organizations, it’s important for leaders to value people more than crunching numbers and charts on the board.

    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever- Mahatma Gandhi”

  • Importance of Compassion and Empathy in Leadership. Compassion, empathy and presence are important leadership characters. Make sure that everyone has an opportunity and a voice by providing them the right environment to feel and express their thoughts. Everybody can be a leader, but leadership and management are two different things. Management is often efficiency driven, while leadership is an optimization driver. Optimize the environment and systems so you could be the hero of your story. 

    “Begin with yourself because I promise you one thing, there’s a person who would thank you for that. You know who that is, your future self.”

  • Disruption Towards Emerging Female Leadership and Gender Balance. The emergence of female leaders has become a necessary shift nowadays. The difference between men and women is tendencies in mentality. Men have a scarcity mentality built into their DNA, while women are collaborative and ask questions. By tradition women are community builders. They could make the pipe bigger instead of fighting over.

    “What we need in this world are amazing, creative thinkers. One of the best ways to drive creativity is diversity thought. One of the best ways to drive diversity of thought is set balance… get that gender balance.”

  • Leadership Advice to the Younger Generation. The measure of success is in the results. Live in harmony by recognizing that amazing person in your life who gives more without asking anything in return. Then give back by giving without question. Recognize the most productive stage of your life and seize your own power. Make decisions with your heart and execute with your head. Be passionate about what you do and look for the right timing. Timing is everything.

    “Have every single one of the little goals amount to something great. Start small but do it everyday.”

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