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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Colleen Gallagher, a Global Citizen, social media influencer, heart-centred intuitive business consultant, educator, podcast host, author. She has written three books, and the recent one is “An Uncompromised Life”.

Colleen is the founder of Colleen Gallagher International, an online global business to empower people to gain clarity on their purpose and help them transform their lives and change the world, through courses, retreats, products, and social media content. Through this experience, they can deepen their spiritual habits, understand the power of expression to attract opportunities, and take purposeful action toward growing a sustainable impact.

Amrit and Colleen talk about Colleen’s story, the one that gave birth to her latest book “An Uncompromised Life: Overcome Trauma and Heartbreak, Experience the Unexplainable, and Truly Fall in Love with Life ”. This book involves twelve lessons revealed by compromising her soul to please others instead of pleasing herself. Get it here: https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/colleen-gallagher/

At the age of fourteen, Western medical doctors told Colleen it would be challenging for her to get pregnant after being diagnosed with cancer; she would have to be medicated for the rest of her life. In 2017, she left her corporate job, moved to New Zealand and self healed herself off medication. Then got immersed into online digital marketing, traveled the world, went back to the United States for her masters and finally moved to L.A. to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology focussed on Global Leadership and Change.

Colleen had an unhealthy and toxic relationship with a guy which led her to compromise her soul. She was living a life always pleasing him and was utterly unhappy.

This relationship took a turn. One day sitting on the beach with her mum, she realized she had co-created a co-dependent relationship. She became aware of this when her mum told her that the only reason why she had her was so she would not be left alone with her dad and his family.

Twelve hours later and after this distressing yet revealing conversation with her mum, she found out she was pregnant; it was an unplanned pregnancy. Conscious about the toxic relationship which was compromising herself in every sense and her own upbringing, she faced a life changing decision and chose to let her child go and had an abortion.

In this heartbreaking yet beautiful awakening, the soul of her child appeared. The soul was called Ella and Colleen adopted her in her life. Colleen heard God and the voice of her daughter in her head say “Never compromise yourself for love”. Her daughter Ella was there with her, in her heart and soul. IN that instant, Colleen learned what it truly meant to fall in love with life, find herself and find the power in living a life uncompromised to the soul.

Having gone through the journey of letting go and learning how to fall in love with life, together with Ella she wrote her third book.

Colleen strongly believes that sometimes horrible, traumatic, and heartbreaking things happen to us so we can grow into our full potential and affirms that Western Medicine is not the end all be all in diagnosis.

“My story is to let others know there is hope and they can have a new narrative”

Amrit and Colleen dive deep into the importance of letting go and learning how to say no. It is very difficult to say no to things you love, but by doing so, you can focus on the things you MOST love.

Last but not least, they converse about her favourite chapter in the book “Finding Love” and the importance of education through connectivity with technology.

In regards to connectivity with technology, Colleen set off on a journey to combine social entrepreneurship and academia. Combining business and spirituality, using skill sets in communities and on technology to advance this world together.

Colleen wants to guide people to have the same opportunities we each have in developed nations by using technology. She wants to educate corporate leaders to connect with their soul and make an impact from the heart.

“Love is the most powerful force on the planet”

About Colleen Gallagher:

International Speaker, Published Author of 3 Books, Online Course Creator, Oracle Deck Creator, World Traveler, Educator, Social Media Guide, and Retreat Facilitator.

Colleen is passionate about empowering business leaders to use their voices on social media to create freedom and impact. She loves inspiring others to go deeper into their own spiritual journeys—and use social media as an amplifier to empower others. Colleen believes her dharma is guiding others to heal themselves, so they can create social impact businesses that lift us all up – and open the door to better lives.

A little more about her: She survived childhood cancer. She’s visited more than 40 countries and been a sales engineer for a $23 billion company in the US and a $400 million company in Australia/New Zealand. Colleen holds a BA in marketing from Michigan State University and an MS in global technology and development from Arizona State University. She started her Ph.D. in the fall of 2020 in Psychology focused on Global Leadership and Change.

Her mission is to educate and empower heart-centered business leaders so they can make a massive impact upon humanity by simply being them.

Colleen Gallagher books:

Tune In: 

Welcome Colleen Gallagher to Inspired Evolution!:(00:00:00)

What prompted Colleen to write her third book:(02:37)

How much of Colleen’s journey was informed by her own and how much by Ella:(09:36)

Learning how to say “no” and focus on what you most love:(14:32)

About conscious business or ”spiritual entrepreneurship”:(22:46)

Differences in terms of how we learn through connectivity with technology:(25:26)

The hardest chapter to write in the book:(30:31)

About codependency:(34:41)

Going back, would Colleen do it all over again?:(40:03)

Intention for whoever is tuning into the book:(42:51)

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  • “Essentialism:The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” book by Greg McKeown (Highly recommended by Amrit) – Mentioned in timestamp (14:32) – conversation about simplicity and learning how to say no.
  • CrystELLA Rose Quartz: https://colleengallagher.co/products/p/rosequartz “Crystals can carry energies and Souls pass through crystals that no longer exist in the human form. This crystal is to help heal and repair your heart to wholeness. My daughter Ella came to me after I let her go through a crystal so this is our offering into the world through CrystELLA crystals for you to know that whatever loss you have endured the Spirit of that person has a place to come near you and let you know they are still around.” – Mentioned in timestamp:(02:37)

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