Daniel Mangena (Manifestation Coach) on the many Dimensions of Abundance

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TW: This episode contains conversations about depression and suicide.

In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Daniel Mangena, manifestation coach, international speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster, and bestselling author. He is the CEO of Dream With Dan.

Daniel and Amrit, talk about how to manifest abundance, the meaning of ”stop meditating”, how important courage is and the importance of being grateful before the things happen and how to do that.

After losing his fortune twice and receiving a late diagnosis of Asperger’s, Dan was on the verge of suicide. He settled a framework as a lifeline while he struggled with suicidal thoughts. A four step method for getting inside of yourself, learning to take responsibility for your own life, and ultimately manifesting what you desire out in the material world.

His method led him to move into a more holistic whole abundant place. He wrote Stepping Beyond Intention CHECK here: https://amz.run/4sJP, and started helping others overcome adversity to become abundant.

Many people consider abundance only as money in their account. But it manifests in infinite ways. To attract abundance into your life you need to feel it within, be conscious about it, and connect with it. It is your birthright. It is a constant journey of expansion, making yourself able to accept more and more so that you have more and more to give.

People must interrogate the intentions they have with the heart; the mind wants, the heart gets excited. And then clean their intentions by having these conversations of where did the desire come from. It’s about digging deep and disrupting what’s happening at an unconscious level and choosing what you want to experience. You need to pull back the layers of narratives that are not yours and hold you back.

Dan put too much weight on his beliefs about what other people thought about him, to the point of seeking a way to end his life. Self-belief and positive inputs led him to be present and make powerful choices to create change. Dan has now this resource, narrative and evidence that it is not all hopeless if depression comes back.

Those who are competitive have to take from others. Those who are creative understand that we are all abundant from birth. They recognize there is enough for everyone and if they honour the natural law of nature, things are going to flow to them. Dan believes that when we stop judging that dark sides exist, we can pull energy back from that and sit in peace with it.

Dan explains what he means about “stop meditating”. In order for meditation to have its desired effect you need to actually step back into physical reality, where you can take physical action. People have been taught to focus on their inner-work, and that is great only if they are in service of a physical destination.

Dan believes a lot of courage is needed for a small change and every single change requires courage.

Reality unfolds to our expectations. If our expectations are positive and we celebrate them in advance, that is gratitude. Being grateful in advance is a starting point where the creation of things happens. You can do this before reaching the outcome because the quantum model shows the fact that everything is happening here and now.

Tune In: 

  • Welcome Daniel Mangena to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • What abundance means according to Dan: (03:31)
  • Abundance and the multi dimensionality of abundance:(06:10)
  • Suicidal moment and how the intention emerged:(09:27)
  • What has Dan transformed in alignment to?:(16:14)
  • How to reprogram the subconscious:(18:15)
  • How to heal the “lack” within the “want”:(22:14)
  • Defining abundance for ourselves: (27:14)
  • Competition vs. creation:(30:03)
  • How to connect to what is really yours:(36:59)
  • The importance of taking courageous action:(41:25)
  • Gratitude for things before they appear:(45:54)
  • Connect with Dan:(49:43)

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