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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Daniel Packard, a mechanical engineer, professional stand-up comedian, coach, award winning trainer and speaker. He is the owner of You 2.0, an innovative online training where he trains you to fully Upgrade Your Selfware. He has created an innovative and profound approach to personal change.

Daniel believes that personal development can support you, but many times it magnifies your own struggles and your patterns keep repeating. You might be doing all sorts of things to address your own issues but find that nothing works or helps you make a shift. He has discovered a solution to keep you off the hamster wheel. It is a fun, simple, and solvable solution that will help you get your power back to be completely free of what holds you back and understand yourself in a whole new way.

Daniel developed a model of understanding. All these patterns are symptoms that come from the root core of your “selfware” (software that operates you as a system) and he has identified two “glitches” (created by past experiences) in it that are responsible for the ways in which you navigate the world.

Stress, insecurity, unhappiness, lack of success, unhealthy relationships are all just symptoms of these core glitches in our “Selfware”. If you don’t heal these core glitches, these symptoms just keep following you around.

Daniel and Amrit dive deep into a conversation about personal development, the disruption of it and Daniel’s revolutionary effective solution to personal change that stems from his own personal journey.

Daniel took more than fifteen years to develop this solution.

Daniel had been working on his personal development for several years when he was struck by PTSD reaching rock bottom. In complete agony,  depression and the mindset of an engineer, Daniel realized he had been managing symptoms for too long and he didn’t want to manage symptoms anymore. He wanted to be free of symptoms.

Lying in a hammock he managed to see the whole matrix. He had been doing everything backwards. He decided he had to flip this whole thing on its end, to be free. So, he left his comfort zone and started figuring out a solution.

He went to the root cause of his symptoms, healed the root cause with a process, and a couple of years later, the symptoms were gone and all what he had been working for, naturally appeared.

Once Daniel saw that these glitches in our Selfware were creating all the patterns, he then spent another ten years working with over a thousand people to design, develop and perfect an innovative internal process that allows you to simply and quickly upgrade the ‘glitches’ in your ‘Selfware.’

His tools and systems are deeply effective, but also practical and easy to learn.

If you would like to book a call with Daniel Packard, go to: https://www.danielpackard.com/call – Please fill out your details in the form and his assistant will reach out to you to help schedule your call. 

In this call Daniel will show you proof of his concept. Amrit himself has experienced Daniel’s work first hand, finding it utterly effective, and soon will be continuing the whole training process.

 “Take the struggles and upgrade the glitch so you don’t have any more rock bottoms”

“You don’t have to keep on working on yourself for all your life. You only need a couple of weeks to be free of the pattern”

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About Daniel Packard:

Daniel Packard is a U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineer, former stand-up comedian, personal development disruptor and innovative inventor of YOU 2.0™ – a pioneering perceptual technology (developed over ten years of research and testing) that activates deep, permanent change in high performers (including NFL Athletes) that are already aware of ‘what’ holds them back, but want a practical and effective ‘how.’

Daniel is also the author of ‘The Simple Mechanics of Confidence – A Playful, Practical Guide To Building Deep Confidence Quickly.’ He is also an elite level coach and award-winning trainer delivering over 500 trainings to companies, universities and government organizations throughout Africa, India, Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

He also really likes cinnamon rolls and is a surprisingly groovy dancer.

Daniel Packard’s book:

  • “Simple Mechanics of Confidence: A playful practical guide to understanding where real confidence comes from and how to create it quickly”: https://amz.run/4VbU 

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  • Welcome Daniel Packard to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • About the dichotomy of personal development:(00:05:24)
  • Daniel’s journey finding the blindspot in personal development:(00:10:51)
  • About what is needed to have the revelation Daniel is sharing:(00:16:10)
  • About Amrit’s session with Daniel:(00:19:49)
  • Mechanics to support people going through the process:(00:27:45)
  • Whether it is necessary or not to breakdown to breakthrough:(00:37:36)
  • About Daniel navigating journey with a lot of confidence:(00:43:34)
  • Reaching out to Daniel for the call:(00:54:16)

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