Darpan Reveals The Great Awakening that is Here Now

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Darpan is a qualified therapist, and a renowned spiritual teacher, musician, healer and speaker.

In this episode Darpan shares abundant, empowering and loving perspectives that can help everyone forever and ever! 

We talk in detail about how and when is the moment to awaken and discover who we truly are as divine, eternal and immortal human beings, and lockdown as a hard but necessary rebirth of humanity. 

He passionately shares the importance of nourishing yourself with love and care, and the importance of leaving your mind to a side. Furthermore, dive in and discover how to enter an eternal “now”, the jewel of self actualization and so much more! 

About Darpan

Darpan is caring, encouraging and inspiring to many people around the globe. He lives in Australia and has more than thirty years of experience with music and healing to create a unique transmission that inspires, empowers and transforms. Darpan is an arts and music lover, and has travelled motivating many hearts all along the way. He is an incredible speaker that shares fascinating stories, anecdotal references and rich personal experience as well as a talented musician, experienced in sound healing and transformation.

Tune In: 

00:01:52  – Living an awakening time

Darpan strongly believes that now, during lockdown, it is a potent moment for the human family in terms of consciousness. It is the time for a new discovery and a new perspective; the right time to face our fears and have an inner sight.

“We are all part of this same planet going through a massive shift”

00:10:49  – Role of self realization in a collective awakening

Collective awakening can only happen if there is an individual awakening first. Darpan shares in detail what he means by individual awakening and the secrets to see the world with a whole new perspective.

“Individual awakening must have a higher perspective that goes beyond the mind ”

00:37:00  – Rift between self love and hedonism

Darpan dives deeply into self love, and how loving yourself and feeling worthy have positive and the most fulfilling effects. 

“Take care of yourself first and when you are good overflow to the others” 

00:50:25  – “Now” coming from self love in terms of conviction

Darpan refers to NOW as the result of the process or experience of one’s inner arising and the importance of disconnecting from the mind. Tackle in and discover the power of meditation. 

“Detach from your mind and come to the truth of this moment and who you are”

01:03:00  – Dropping into our own truth to access the purpose of service Service is the crowning jewel of the human experience according to Darpan. In order to love others, first you have to love yourself. Once you are fulfilled with love and begin to overflow, you naturally start to share and give love to others.

“When you are truly in service to another, you get out of your own way”

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