Destroy Perfectionism to Create Abundantly & Live Your Greatness with Dr. Dain Heer

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In this week’s episode, Amrit welcomes back Dr. Dain Heer, a change-maker, body whisperer, speaker, co-creator of Access Consciousness, and a renowned author of many books. “Body Whispering: A New Way of Seeing, Being and Healing” is his latest best-seller, you can get it here: https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/body-whispering-by-dr-dain-heer/

Dr. Heer and Amrit, dive into a deep conversation about judgement vs. intuition, the tightrope between ego and humility on our path of greatness, how to get rid of perfectionism and begin to access our conscious awareness and reconsider our choices to create and live a life of greatness.

We were all born with curiosity but too often judgment gets in our way. Judgment is something made up and keeps us stuck in a cycle of no choice and change. We avoid living in the way we uniquely could because we lie to ourselves. We focus on what we have decided are our faults and flaws, and that leads us to stress, anxiety, severe depression and a bad quality of life. 

Dr. Heer refers to judgement as a tiny ball of reality with what is right, wrong, good and bad and beyond it exists an endless reality of possibilities. The only way you can get there, is by having another perspective. You can let go of self-judgment and choose to follow the song of your heart towards greatness. The whispers lead you to more of that. When you are closer to doing the things that are true to you, you start to feel lighter and happier, and when you’re closer to judgement and fear you feel heavier and sadder

Change is not easy. But if you are afraid of doing something and do it all the same, no magic can show up because no magic can get in. Fear is a distracted implant; an implanted point of view. The place from which you act determines your experience of the action. Don’t act from fear. Act from a place of excitement and joy and kindness, and you will create whatever you want to. 

There is a tightrope between ego and humility on our journey of greatness. Amrit firmly believes that humility is the best recourse in so many instances. But if your ego insists on pushing to be humble and over humble yourself, you are running the risk of not honouring the gifts that life has given you and the blessing of life itself. It is difficult but we have to find the balance.

They revert to judgement to confirm this. You are judged if you go too far one way and if you go too far the other way. That tightrope is based on a reality where judgement has value. 

You need to be willing to be present with everything as it is. Being present helps you see other possibilities and choices available. 

As stated by Dain, perfection is the ultimate judgement. According to Amrit, it is a “bourgeois” resistance. Many people wait for their ideas to be perfect before they get shared. 

“If you are above 80% let it go because you are never going to get more perfect than that”

Dain states that instead of struggling for perfection, struggle for greatness. In greatness there is no judgement, you have a universe of possibilities and there is freedom and joy. We are energetic human beings by nature. If we could acknowledge that capacity that we have to perceive sutilities and awareness of energy, we could use it to navigate life. 

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Tune In: 

  • Welcome Dr. Dain Heer to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • Judgement vs. intuition: “The voice in my head versus the song in my heart”: (06:12)
  • About the difficulty in doing the things that are true to you and fear: (11:10)
  • Humility vs. ego in regards to greatness: (24:20)
  • Perfection as the ultimate judgment or as a “bourgeois resistance”: (32:14)

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