Don Jose Ruiz teaches how to Find Your Medicine & Use It

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Don Jose Ruiz, a Toltec Master of Transformation and modern-day Shaman dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the ancient toltec to sacred societies all around the world. Don Ruiz is an international bestselling author of many books and recently wrote The Wisdom of the Sharmanic Animals.

Don Jose and Amrit, talk about the importance of awakening to the artist that lies within you. They converse about how important it is to be present and honest with yourself, and do a lot of inner work to connect to the medicine of your heart. They also dive deep into why you should be kind and show respect to others as you do to yourself, and how to reconnect to your spirit so that you can live a life in alignment to your heart rather than “domestication”.

Don Jose shares insightful stories to bring his message to this episode and the world. He converts his wisdom into practical, everyday life concepts that will help you transform.

Toltec’s wisdom of kindness passes on from generation to generation to keep one and another kind in a world that is totally unkind. It’s tradition is considered a fundamental path of healing and spiritual growth. To be toltec means that you are an artist of your own life. Everybody is a unique artist of the spirit and here to create. They believe we live in a world where everything is possible. Once you step into it, your dreams are born.

We all came into this world with wisdom, as natural lovers of life and abundant in kindness. Soon after birth, personal beliefs begin to build up through socialization from our parents and people in general. We create a false reality about the world around us becoming conformists to other’s ideas and judge when we fail to conform to the expectations. Don Jose calls this “domestication”. Instead of creating your own work of art and listening to what your heart is asking you to do, you emerge into life as a version that is not you.

We can recover our “authentic self” back. Ruiz believes you can unlearn the beliefs and expectations that lead to unnecessary suffering and pain, and through mastering awareness and transformation, you can redirect your energy and create the life of your dreams. 

There are many challenges in domestication. Ruiz believes you first have to trust yourself to be able to trust the world. You begin thinking another way. You think clearly and start to question everything. When you think negatively you can recognize it as a bad habit. The way to get rid of that habit is by being discerning, not believing those negative thoughts and instead trust in your inner feelings.

Don Jose calls this the moment we wake up, and when we start opening this channel our lives begin to change because we are no longer thinking negatively and attracting negativity. Any negativity that comes into our presence dissolves. And that has a ripple effect because as the Toltec tradition teaches, we are all messengers. That is why we must pay attention to what message we are sharing with others.

We must keep on doing inner work to connect to the medicine within. As Ruiz says ” Either you choose a plastic garden or a beautiful garden that needs your care” Which do you choose?

Tune In: 

  • Welcome Don Jose Ruiz to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • What it means to be toltec and the artist of your own life: (02:28)
  • The relationship with the medicine within and the influence it has on others:(04:39)
  • The frustration of being kind because expectations are not met:(07:04)
  • Walking the path of honesty to connect to the medicine within:(09:06)
  • The challenge of domestication when fighting for your innate self:(11:14)
  • Willingness to find a new openness to live as fundamental beings:(15:04)
  • Setting out messages that will be received in the world:(19:28)
  • The importance of family:(26:38)
  • People more primed than others to the artist way?:(29:19)
  • How to cultivate connection to openness:(32:44)
  • The essence of storytelling and what it means to Ruiz?:(35:44)

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