Stop Judging to Access Consciousness with Dr. Dain Heer

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Our guest for this week is Dr. Dain Heer, an energy transformation virtuoso, author, international speaker, and workshop facilitator, best known for his transformation process ‘The Energetic Synthesis of Being’ (ESB).

About Dr. Heer

Dr. Heer started off his career as a professional chiropractor and he acquired his Doctorate in Chiropractic at the Southern California University of Health Sciences.

In 2000, he co-created Access Consciousness, a simple set of tools, techniques, and philosophies with the purpose of teaching people how to create dynamic change in every area of their life. Ever since then, he has been encouraging people to unleash their true greatness by helping them let go of the judgments that are keeping them down.

Dr. Heer is renowned for his energetic transformation method called ‘The Energetic Synthesis of Being’. Over the course of a 3-day period, he helps his clients utilize the power of choice in order to achieve the transformation of both body and mind. With his approach, Dr. Heer empowers people to choose a better life for themselves.

Dr. Heer has authored nine books which are popular world-wide and his international best-seller called ‘Being You, Changing the World’ has been translated into Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian and Estonian. Written for the dreamers who dream, Dr. Heer aims to provide those who know something different is possible with the tools to attain it. It is a wonderful guide for generating infinite possibilities and a dynamic change, providing you with an alternative perspective on the concept of being.

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In This Episode We Canvas:


  • Inability to Deal with Judgement

Judgment is one of the core concepts we’ll explore throughout the conversation. Dr. Heer shares that the defense mechanisms we use as ways to handle judgment are warping the way we perceive the world around us and subsequently, the way we act. As much as it’s a way for us to protect ourselves, it can also make us miss out on the good stuff as well.

“You put up a brick wall around you, and it keeps out everything.” – Dr. Dain Heer

  • How Are We Absorbing Other People’s Points of View?

Dr. Heer suggests that we should all consider the origins of our values and our points of view. He goes on to describe how our worldviews are shaped from a very early age by absorbing the points of view of our parents. This dynamic continues to occur throughout our life in different forms but Dr. Heer makes a very deep revelation regarding as to why this phenomenon actually occurs.

“The thing most people don’t realize is, most of the points of view that we’ve picked up from other people are actually energetic. It’s the energy that they live their lives from that we’ve picked up on because we’re so highly aware energetically.” – Dr. Dain Heer

  • Rethinking the Concept of Personal Development

We touch on both the popularity of personal development and the way it has been received in the public. Dr. Heer believes there is a common misconception related to our understandings of personal development. He argues that seeing it as a tool for overcoming problems is very limiting and that we stand to gain more if we acknowledge everything that the process of personal development truly has to offer.

“Whether we call it ‘personal development’ or ‘consciousness’, or whatever term you want to put on it… It’s actually about exploring the possibilities beyond the box of this reality and having the ability to create them.” – Dr. Dain Heer

  • The Root Cause of Leading ‘Heavy’ Lives

Feeling stressed, strained, pressured, burdened, anxious and depressed are all components that contribute to the sensation of living a heavy life. And Dr. Heer uses a simple experiment to demonstrate how self-talk plays an important role in all of this. Another interesting point he makes is that, even though we’ve incorporated these stories and ways of thinking into our everyday lives from the outside world, it’s still important to acknowledge that we’re the ones causing ourselves pain. We’re the ones causing the heavy.

“Notice how many of us tell ourselves these stories continuously. We’re doing that shit to ourselves!… You’ve bought a lot of lies that keep running in your head, that you keep telling yourself and this is when we need to be willing to have a different perspective and use some of these tools to change this stuff.” – Dr. Dain Heer

  • Understanding That We Are Infinite Beings

Dr. Heer aims to answer the question of what do we mean when we say we’re infinite beings and how does that understanding actually help our personal development. 

“Somewhere, we know that we’re more than we’re letting ourselves be.” – Dr. Dain Heer

  • Reframing Points of View You Don’t Agree With

Yet again, judgment is one of the key elements of our conversation and in this section, Dr. Heer explains why it is the worst strategy for inviting change in behavior. He describes a very personal situation in order to demonstrate how rejecting other people’s point of view does not make them want to change it but rather hold on to it even stronger. He also provides us with an elegant tool to use in these situations and ease the frustrations of both sides included.

“You just get the sense of it and go ‘Interesting point of view, I have this point of view’… and that’s how you let it go because what you’re doing is taking the positive and negative polarity out of it.” – Dr. Dain Heer  

  • ‘Humans’ vs. ‘Humanoids’

Dr. Heer makes a distinction in his teachings between people who are growth-oriented and those who are not. Those who reflect on their behavior with the goal of personal growth and improvement he calls ‘humanoids’ or ‘seekers’ and highlights a particularly interesting characteristic. Even though ‘humanoids’ are more likely to refrain from judging other people, they are still at a much greater risk of suffering from debilitating self-judgment.

“As a seeker, what you tend to do is judge yourself and think you’re judging other people. And, the other side, the people who are not interested in change… they do tend to judge other people but they would never think of themselves unjudgemental.” – Dr. Dain Heer

Dr. Heer’s Message of Inspired Evolution

In this episode, we’ve covered a whole range of different topics and Dr. Heer has provided us with some glorious insights into the mechanics of judgement and its consequences on our mental health and growth. My personal takeaway is that his philosophy about how we should approach personal development is refreshing and breathtakingly inspirational. We usually put too much focus on the things we’re supposed to acquire and add that we forget that it is just as important to let go parts of ourselves which are hurting us.

“Your mind is a dangerous thing. Waste it.” – Dr. Dain Heer