Dr. Ivan Misner on the Net Worth of your Network

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In this episode, Amrit and Dr. Ivan Misner talk about the power of networking, the importance of having relationships in this dynamic world we live in and the significance of working in your flame and not in your wax.

Dr. Ivan Misner is a Ph.D. in Organizational behaviour, the founder and chief visionary officer of BNI (Business Network International) the world’s largest business networking organization, a columnist for Entrepreneur.com, a keynote speaker, and a NY Times bestselling author of many books including the latest one “Who’s in Your Room: The Secret to Creating Your Best Life” where he shares how the quality of your life greatly depends on the people who surround you. Check it out! https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/whos-in-your-room-by-dr-misner/

You must work hard on what you most love to do in your business to reach success; Work in your flame and not in your wax.

Dr. Minser started a management consulting business in 1983. At the end of 1984, he needed new business and had to find a way to engender more referrals. So he decided to create his own networking group with people he knew and trusted, and wanted to refer business to. This group integrated business with relationships under one core value of giving first. By the end of the year there were 20 groups and he needed to start a plan to scale. The organization now has over 10,000 chapters throughout the globe. And he keeps on doing what he most loves to do: helping others.

In this episode, Dr. Misner talks about core values as the fundamental beliefs and guiding principles that dictate behavior and help people better understand expectations within the organizational context.

BNI’s core values start with Givers Gain, one of the best attitudes you can have to live your life. Embracing this philosophy of giving first will change your life and those around you. And when it changes enough lives, it will change the world. Genuine love towards one another. This is the kind of vision that people need to establish with whatever business they start.

Being a good receiver is vital. This ensures the philosophy works and leads to a life of infinite giving. You must accept it is alright to gain, if not you will find yourself out of resources, and the giving will stop. It is essential that the givers also gain what they need so that they can give over and over. In this way, infinite giving becomes a part of who you are in all you do. Giving first is fundamental. But, you cannot constantly give at your own expense. 

It is important to cultivate long-term relationships and you need the proper mindset to do so. You must be visible and credible, and once they know who you are and are good at what you do, they will be willing to refer business to you. Networking up with people who are leagues beyond yourself in business depends on your authenticity and willingness to help them.

Focusing on the other person and creating value to them can help forge long-term relationships.

Tune In: 

  • Welcome Dr. Ivan Misner to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • The beginning of BNI:(04:20)
  • From business consulting to scratching his own itch:(07:03)
  • Inflection point. Ready to take a pay cut to pursue something else:(10:00)
  • Carrying a vision of something bigger and longer than a lifetime:(15:07)
  • Tips on how to build new relationships and be an authentic networker:(19:05)
  • Managing expectations in Givers Gain value:(24:08)
  • The importance of building long-term relationships in a dynamic world:(27:32)
  • Connecting with people who are leagues beyond oneself in business:(30:59)
  • About the concept in Dr. Misner’s book “Who’s in your room”:(40:04)
  • Dr.Misner’s network supporting tools:(43:18)
  • Dr. Misner’s advice to live life to the fullest:(46:02)

Some of Dr. Ivan Misner books:

  • “Networking Like a Pro: Turning Contacts into Connections” by Dr. Ivan Misner and Brian Hilliard: https://amz.run/4jTh 
  • “Infinite Giving: The 7 Principles of Givers Gain” by Dr. Ivan Misner, Greg Davies and, Julian Lewis: https://amz.run/4jTj 
  • “Business Networking and Sex: Not What You Think” by Dr. Ivan Misner and Hazel M. Walker: https://amz.run/4jtQ 

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