Dr. Kinnar Shah on Creative Coaching Concepts

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Dr Kinnar Shah is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and is the CEO at CreativeCoachingConcepts, SmileConcepts, Australian Academy of Coaching & Leadership and InstaClicks. He is a certified high performance coach, certified gallup strengths coach, NLP business and leadership coach, and author.  

Would you like to be a MAD person? That is fantastic, because it is all about someone who wants to Make A Difference! 

In this episode, Dr. Kinnar Shah joins us to talk about the secret to being able to evolve. He generously shares the most powerful tools and strategies to serve the world. Learn how to identify success, discover Kinnar’s ABC ingredients to leadership, and come across his thoughts on discipline, choice and progress. 

About Dr. Kinnar Shah

Dr. Kinnar is a dentist who is based in Sydney and sets his heart and mind in  transforming people’s smiles. He is a transformational and motivational speaker who is always operating in a progress mode and is obsessed in teaching leadership, business, sales and communication skills. Along his “dentarpeneurial” journey, Dr. Kinnar has refined exactly what is required to build super successful strategies. He understands the challenges of business owners and entrepreneurs and has been for more than 10 years passionately giving them powering tools to be resourceful and effective to take their business to a higher level. He truly believes that it will help them help others, and this is what has inspired him to become a coach. Dr. Kinnar’s mode of life is through progress. A bit by day and everyday. It all comes down to showing up, and as he would say, ONE DAY OR DAY 1, IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

Tune In: 

03:54  – The secret ingredient needed to share and serve the world

Dr. Kinnar talks about the 80% of success is in mindset settings and mechanics. He believes that evolving depends on how you operate, manage and swivel your mind in a more clever and faster way than you already know. Evolving everyday is Growing, getting out of your comfort zone and giving daily. 

“If you grow, get out of comfort zone and give daily, you evolve everyday”

06:38  – Evolving moving into definition of success

Dr. Kinnar talks about three important things concerning success, and having strategies to help others is part of success. Dentistry is a service based on adding value, what can you do that will add value?

“The highest fulfilment in my life is being “MAD”, which is making a difference”

11:18  – Tools and strategies to identify success

To become fulfilled and successful you must start by asking yourself: Did I learn? Did I contribute?Did I make a difference? Dr. Kinnar shares empowering ways to identify your success. It is all about having clarity in twelve life categories, planning your goals and finding a balance.

“When a person is aware of his areas and sets his goals, he begins to feel balanced”

27:09 – What keeps Kinnar inspired

Dr. Kinnar shares his ABC’s success alphabet. There are many mind setting skills to success, he talks about five that you can start working on them today.   

“Attitude is the ingredient to everything in life and there is an energy component to it. Show up every day!”

33:56 – Ingredients to success as a road map to leadership?

Dr. Kinnar talks about leadership and the importance of being our own leaders. He refers to ingredients, routines and rituals, as essential and cites a favourite quote: “Show me your rituals and routines and I will show you what rewards you will get in life”

“Everybody needs to be a leader in life, it is not a choice”

37:20 – Discipline vs. flexibility concerning freedom

Dr. Kinnar touches on different levels when it comes to talking about discipline, flexibility and freedom such as basic, status and freedom. Dive in and discover the supreme level few people love going into!

“If you have freedom, don’t complain about other people lives”

Dr. Kinnar’s book:

  • Grow Your Dream Dental Practice By Design: 10 Powerful Strategies to Exponentially Grow Your Business: https://amz.run/3aFv 

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