Visualize and Manifest Your Dream Life with Danette May

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In this episode, Danette and Amrit dive deep into how you can create and manifest the life that you want from a place of love.

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Danette hit rock bottom and used it to step into her purpose. From losing a child at birth, going through divorce, and having $47 in the bank, to having 3 eight figure businesses. She decided to stop being a victim, rewrite her story and began focusing on the three pillars of healing: healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset.  Her true calling in life was to share this concept of healing with others and actually she helps millions of people across the globe.

Whether you are at the top or bottom of your story, it is going to shift because it is based on your thoughts and decision making. You have the power to decide where you want to be. Curiosity is key to get to the next level. 

Visualization is the bedrock to success. You have to see what you want and feel as if they happen. This creation of what you want is the same for everyone, you just have to do the steps and believe in them.  

Life is a kidding game that should be played. If you play, things will happen along the way. And when you see that things do happen you will want to take the next step. 

Having a vision that inspires you and magnetizes you, pulls you forward but things change when your visions get too far. You can deal with these challenges by feeling a higher power communicating with you saying “why not?”

The more tangible you make your visualizations, the more you feel and quicker you get there. Love frequency is key! It is the natural fuel for manifesting. Having this frequency of unconditional love you become a magnet to the dreams and the visions that are in your mind.

Have a really clear “why” behind why you are doing it and then also tune into the identity of who is actually calling that in. Team them together to manifest what you want on an internal celular desire. 

Danette believes we need polarity and polarity is perfection. Living in the fullest expression of yourself is the best way to impact the world.

About Danette May

Danette May is a leading health expert, VIP coach, renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author of seven health and women empowerment books and her recent book Embrace Abundance.

She is the Co-founder & CCO of Mindful Health LLC and Earth Echo Foods, and founder of The Rise Movement. She is a former celebrity fitness trainer, and an amazing wife and mum. 

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Tune In: 

  • Welcome Danette May to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • The impetus that shifts Danette out of rock bottom: (04:57)
  • The importance of not reliving our story: (09:30)
  • How to believe in the next story when you are in a place of friction:(11:17)
  • The disconnected gap between reality and what you want to create: (16:36)
  • An affirmation Danette repeats every morning: (17:16)
  • Dealing with ego and spirit when visualizing things that get too far: (19:20)
  • Discerning what you want: (21:07)
  • The visual aspect of visualization: (22:45)
  • About “Why identity”: (27:35)
  • The power of love when calling things in: (31:10)
  • Danette’s inspiration for the planet: (34:12)
  • About Danette’s 10% rule & advice for parents: (37:21)

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