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In this week’s episode, Amrit has the privilege to welcome back Eric Edmeades, serial entrepreneur, business speaker, business & marketing mentor, storyteller, bestselling author and a pioneer in evolutionary biology, nutritional anthropology, and behavioral change dynamics.

He is the founder of Wildfit, Business Freedom, and Speaker Nation, and has owned businesses in a variety of industries.

Eric and Amrit, talk about personal development and business development as two things that go hand in hand. They dive deep in working ON your business vs. working IN your business, what it means to be self employed vs. what it means to be a business owner, and how to grow a business to achieve business freedom so you can spend your time and money doing what matters most to you.

Personal development is key to building a successful business. If you want to build an exceptional business as well as an extraordinary life you have to work on yourself. The more you work on you the better your business is going to be.

Every business starts in the self employment phase and needs you to be there. But, you can be self employed and keep working in the company all your life, or you can start as self employed with the intention to build an enterprise to the point it will not require you anymore and in time have a life of its own.

The transition to business owner depends on your mindset. Once you have decided you are going to build an enterprise, you make distinctively different decisions on a daily basis and while you take action you are thinking how it affects your eventual plan. Decisions are risky but necessary, especially when it comes to investing. Eric shares practical examples to explain why investing time and money on your company can help you beat competition.

Criteria can be the same whether you are talking about selling your time or whether you are talking about creating a business, you still have to choose what is the basis upon which you want to make money. Eric believes you must consider if it is fun, if it is going to make an impact and finally if it gives you some money. When you love what you do, you show up with passion and that makes a distinction.

Working IN your business is totally different to working ON your business. As a business owner you have to figure out which are the tasks you hate doing and start a plan to take on the right people to do them for you. Your task is to work ON your business through marketing and taking assets that can be useful in other markets to expand the business. and achieve freedom

Learning through others’ experience and asking for their advice to avoid the challenges of solving problems that have been solved by others before. This way you become more creative and optimistic, and you can apply that to another business or even solve world problems.

Empathy is vitally important for building a business. You need this skill to associate the emotional conditions of your clients and your team. The way you treat your team is how they will treat their clients.

Edmeades is actually working on a book focussed on his principle “evolution gap”. It is the gap between our very slow genetic evolution and the very fast and increasing piece of our social structures and technologies. It explains why it is important to not make decisions under stress

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Tune In: 

  • Welcome Eric Edmeades to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • The beginning of Eric’s new business: (03:28)
  • Self-employment vs. enterprise:(08:38)
  • From starting a business to having a life of its own:(11:55)
  • Transition from self employed to business owner:(13:19)
  • Is business for everybody and does it take a certain type of personality?:(19:06)
  • Showing up with passion:(27:01)
  • “Having little to no idea about a business” as an asset:(29:04)
  • Why “the world needs more bord entrepreneurs”:(36:21)
  • How important is personal development to running a successful business?:(40:53)
  • The importance of empathy:(50:15)
  • Taking decisions under stress:(52:38)

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