Become a Digital Nomad and Explore The World with Jason Moore

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In this episode, Jason and Amrit talk about how committing to what you really want can change your life in so many positive ways. They dive deep into podcasting and travelling, how travelling helps you become more resourceful which can be applied to entrepreneurship, how being a digital nomad can help you live a sustainable travel life and why it is so important to have other people’s perspectives.

Jason chose a travel lifestyle straight out of college. Despite having $20k in student debt, he followed his heart and went backpacking through Europe. This experience made him determined to make travel part of his life in a more permanent way.

His travel lifestyle has changed over the last 20 years. He crossed the USA by car, worked as a tour manager for a famous indie rock band, and spent a decade working as a digital nomad with various businesses.

After his own experience travelling the world for a decade, he founded a location independent community and a podcast, through which he has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them build a side hustle and break free of their 9 to 5 job so they can do more of what they love in life.

Podcasting has changed his life. He believes it helps listeners and you as well. It helps you walk in someone else’s shoes which gives you a new perspective to learn from.

Jason Moore is the founder of the Zero To Travel Podcast, where he helps people travel the world no matter what their situation or experience is. He’s also the co-founder of the Location Indie community, Camp Indie and the Lifestyle Launch Academy.

Travelling is about being respectful and adjusting your behaviour to the different communities and cultures. It is a time for reflection. You can learn from new perspectives and realise that the way you have been raised is just one perspective amongst so many more. This is an opportunity to start questioning your beliefs and have thoughts of your own.

Putting self development expectations on any trip can only lead to disappointment. There is a chance you don’t find what you are looking for. Jason encourages people to just dive in and live the experience as it comes.

With solo travelling you get to have very interesting interactions. It takes you out of your comfort zone, you realise how resourceful you are and learn how to do things on your own in a much more comfortable way. It can be frightening for many people depending on their cultural background; the media messages that you have been bombarded with within your circle year after year. You need to act in spite of your fears because if not you will never get to do the things you want to do.

Entrepreneurs have to deal with lots of things at the same time. Travelling has helped Jason in the entrepreneurial world because through travelling he realised how resourceful he was. You can use that resourcefulness from travelling and apply it to entrepreneurship.

Jason followed his heart and committed to a big solo trip backpacking through Europe. This experience made travel part of his life in a more permanent way, changed his approach to everything and brought him success. He believes that if following his heart worked for him before, it can work for him now. Whatever he does, as long as he commits to what he wants to do, he will be successful.

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  • Welcome Jason Moore to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • How podcasting changed Jason’s life: (01:40)
  • The importance of holding opposed ideas in your head: (03:14)
  • Identifying parts of ourselves when travelling: (05:20)
  • About solo travel: (09:13)
  • Fear around travel :(15:23)
  • Jason’s journey moving out of fear: (20:50)
  • Favourite places Jason has been to: (25:17)
  • Whether Jason is the same person or not in each country he visits?: (28:19)
  • Why did Jason move to Oslo?: (31:58)
  • Helping people be location independent through the community: (37:46)
  • Does an adventurous personality help be a business owner?:(41:22)
  • What led Jason to success: (45:57)
  • About following your heart: (48:30)
  • Inspired Evolution according to Jason: (49:15)

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