The Good People Effect with Michael Barticel

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Michael is the host of the podcast THE GOOD PEOPLE EFFECT !
He won the coveted Cannes Lion for Creativity in 2016 for his work on You’re Accepted !
He is a Creativity Enthusiast, Adventure Seeker and Well-Being Advocate !!!

You know that old proverb “You only grow by surrounding yourself with the right people”? Well, Identical to the Inspired Evolution – The Good People Effect  http://goodpeopleeffect.com/ focuses on surrounding you with those good people, to motivate and inspire your sense of adventure, creativity, health, well-being and purpose in life!

Michael realised that not everyone has access to the right people right now, so Michael decided to find them, and bring them to listeners in a creative way, so people can explore their interesting inner workings together.

Michael shares great vibes and incredible insights from his which features in-depth conversations with inspirational real people about personal development. Podcasting we touch on useful tips on improving your health, nutrition, well-being, happiness, mindfulness, adventure, travel, creativity, communication, confidence, learning, self-improvement, openness, growth mindset, sense of fulfillment and much more good stuff that’s aimed at moving you in the direction of your best self!

We reflect on the journey of life and the adventure within ourselves, in our work and traveling the world. Infact, we explore travel quite a bit – the Japanese culture and some wisdom within and Africa and the beauty of learning of different cultures. We explore consistent themes that emerge from both of our podcasting shows through episodes such as what a gift crisis can be in one’s life. We discuss things such as Music (Michael and I met through our love of the handpan), Travel (Michael is passionate about travel, has made a vow to himself to spend every birthday overseas and is about to embark on a solo-world-tour), Values (and interestingly – re-value-ting periodically), Just Do It (take action as a life motto), Living in Congruence with Yourself (the importance of Honesty with yourself.

This conversation is extremely valuable it shows you the importance of prioritizing your passions and having fun in this life. Michael’s story highlights the brilliance of being truthful with yourself. Everyone has a different truth pouring out of them and thus this episode makes us question everything we’ve thought about enjoyment and why we may be avoiding living life inlined without passions. In this conversation, we discuss Michael’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story about living in congruence with yourself and thus having fun and embracing the adventure of life!

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