Helena Houdova on Sacred Sexuality

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Helena Houdova, certfified love, sex and relationship coach of The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

Helena used to be a top model praised by the world’s most famous photographers, magazine chief editors and agents for her beauty. 

Traveling around the world constantly trying to prove her worth through fashion lifestyle while battling the saddest feeling of not being good enough, having experienced sexual abuse as a child and the secrecy of her ex-husband’s sex addiction kept Helena in constant pain and self doubt. 

Through different practices Helena started feeling alive again, and met her own powerful self accepting and integrating past trauma, fears, shame and guilt. Today she supports men and women all around the world on a journey back to who they really are as vibrant, enjoyable and orgasmic selfs, and help them thrive in love, sex and relationships.

Sex in a conversation feels awkward to many peopple, and they rarely talk about it publicly with others. It’s one of those things that most humans do, but never speak of. It is a taboo. 

In this episode, Helena and Amrit go straight to the point and surpass this taboo. They have a ravishing, warm and inviting conversation about sacred sexuality and  take you to a really scented and special place with all what it means to be intimate with yourself.

Helena supports people to become empowered men, brings women back to their sacredness and helps them both relate in self love.  

They talk about the tremendous power and force our sexual energy, creative energy has, to heal, create, nurture and revitalize, how shame and trauma suppresses this sexual energy and how you can reclaim your power back through enjoying and expanding your pleasure.

Furthermore they talk about how pornography limits the conscious pleasure only to your head and how you can stay in your body and flow with absolute pleasure. 

Discover the access points to your own sexuality, how it is related to your purpose and Helena’s mission to bring sacredness back to humanity.

“Sex is sacred”

“Sexual energy is pure love”

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About Helena Houdova

Helena Houdova grew up in communist Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic. She is a sex, love and relationship coach who supports your journey back to who you truly are, a vibrant, joyful and orgasmic human being and has a background in Social and Cultural Anthropology of Western Bohemia University. 

As a health educator of Hippocrates Health Institute, she helps you to make lifestyle changes so you can thrive in all aspects of your life. 

Over the past seven years, she has learned the Sacred Pelvic Floor Massage for both women and men and dived deep into ancient knowledge of Tantra, Quadushka, Tao and Lemuria, as well as work with some of the Neo Tantra practices. 

Helena has traveled all around the globe, first as international high-fashion topmodel, later as worldschooling mom of 3 magical children, Darien, Daveed and Deia, and for twelve years was president and founder of Sunflower Children, a charity founded for disadvantaged children around the world.

Tune In: 

Welcome Helena Houdova to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)

Why is sex such a taboo topic? : (00:02:40)

Sex is powerful. Dive in and for sure you will discover so much more power there is to it!  

“Sex is what turns you on and brings you alive”

Challenges Helena had to follow this new path: (00:09:17)

Discover how to  heal the relationship with your sexuality and look deep within and accept your traumas.

“I had unhealed trauma I had never given attention to”

Access points to your sexuality: (00:18:56)

Helena has several access points to your sexuality. Stop fighting trauma and welcome it. Dive in and learn how to become a game changer.

“Welcome your emotions and allow them to be felt”

What service is pornography providing other than graphic stimulus?: (00:23:20)

Learning sexuality is through all your senses. You need to smell, taste, touch, see and listen. Pornography is limiting to one or two senses. Learn how to accept your sexuality, deal with it and feel the pleasure in every aspect of your life.

“When I accept my sexuality, I feel pleasure being alive”

Harnessing the energy vs sex addiction: (00:33:58)

Allow yourself to be wild, to scream, to be quiet, and be whatever you want to be! Addictions can be dealt with and sexuality can be healed. In this episode you will find how to affront addictions, get rid of past trauma and not suppress yourself any longer.

“We have the power to heal the relationship with our sexuality”

Helping men and women explore their sexuality in a sacred way: (00:41:02)

All about containing men and women with full compassion and helping them to accept pieces that need to be seen and heard.

“Take the power back and reclaim what was always inside of you”

Creative energy dropping into purpose: (00:48:33)

Creative energy can create anything! You can change your purpose whenever you want; you can create whatever you want. Helena says you can manifest once you get rid of what is not yours. But once you manifest, what must you do? Dive in to find the answer.

“You can create the best life possible”

Bringing sacredness back to humanity: (00:56:03)

…is about bringing the knowledge that we as human beings are sacred. 

“Sex is sacred”

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