Dawson Church Phd, on the Neurochemistry of Happiness and how to achieve the Bliss Brain

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Start to live a better life in a matter of MINUTES! In this episode, Amrit and Dr. Dawson Church dive deep into Dawson’s latest book Bliss Brain. They have an amazing conversation about how much control you have over the process of rewiring your brain to achieve deep happiness.

Listen as they talk about the birth of his book, the importance of cultivating happiness and how to do it, the minimum dose of meditation needed to see a change in your mind and how to interact with your physiology to better approach the day.

They converse about compassion as a key evolutionary tool, what is an enlightenment circuit and the positive emotions that light it up, and the purpose of cultivating meditation in depth.

Furthermore, Dawson shares how to thrive in spite of trauma, the importance of having a practitioner and how we get in the way with the natural healing of our body.

I want people to feel addicted to meditation, addicted to feeling good” 

Dawson Church, PhD, is a research scientist and an award-winning author of three best-selling books, including his latest, Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity, and Joy. Get a copy

He is the director of EFT Universe, an alternative health site on the web, and founded The National Institute of Integrative Healthcare.

Church has done a lot of research on PTSD and been involved in many clinical trials.

While writing Bliss Brain, he went through devastating situations. He escaped five minutes ahead of a bushfire that left him without a home and business, and claimed several lives. The fire triggered a financial disaster, but luckily he practiced the latest neuroscience techniques from his book while teaching them to thousands of other people. Emotional Freedom Tapping, Eco Meditation, social support and laughter got him into an elevated emotional state, even in the midst of tragedy, to rebuild his life

Science based techniques, no more than thirty minutes a day in only eight weeks of practice, can produce incredible changes in the structure of your brain. These changes make you happier and build up your resilience.

Being consistent and cultivating these positive states, over time they will become traits. These changes are hard-wired into your brain, and become stable and durable personality traits. He refers to “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” by Donald Hebb; pathways in the brain formed and reinforced through repetition.

There are techniques that use physiology to help you move into positive states and hacks to get you into parasympathetic relaxed dominance. But what produces the fastest neural plasticity is compassion. It will change your brain structure faster than anything else.

New research of people who are in ecstatic states shows that the brain also has an enlightenment circuit. You can light it up and make it bigger and stronger. By doing this you start to have ecstatic human experiences beyond your local awareness.

All positive emotions merge together in a single overwhelming positive emotion.

Sex neurochemicals are the same as those produced during deep meditation. There are seven neurochemicals of ecstasy that are released in your brain. Cultivating these elevated emotional states produces a self-induced high. You cry and weep with ecstasy when you are in those states and we all have the ability to get there.

The prefrontal cortex is the seed of your self awareness is good but has stuff from the past and things in the future. You can shut it down over and over again in minutes to light up a compassionate network towards an elevated state.

This neural compassionate circuit makes you resilient. Bad things always happen but you are resilient because the pressure inside of you of love and compassion is bigger than the pressure that is coming from the outside.

When facing trauma you have to face it with tools and never alone. Dawson recommends people with traumas to work with a practitioner.

You can rewrite your genetic code. The environment outside your cells determines genetic expression.

Tune In: 

  • Welcome Dr. Dawson Church to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • Where Bliss Brain came from: (01:24)
  • Cultivate happiness for a Bliss Brain and how to do so: (04:07)
  • Minimum dose of meditation to see a change in the mind: (09:24)
  • Thoughts on mindfulness: (11:53)
  • Interacting with our physiology to approach better the day: (14:57)
  • Compassion as a key evolutionary tool: (16:59)
  • Positive emotions that light up the enlightenment circuit: (19:51)
  • The function of cultivating meditation in depth: (22:13)
  • About post traumatic instances: (28:20)
  • The importance of having a practitioner: (33:18)
  • In the way of our own body’s natural healing: (36:35)
  • Predisposition for resilience: (39:24)
  • Intention and hope behind Bliss Brain:(43:55)

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