Playful Prosperity with Jason Goldberg

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All our dreams are on the other side of our fear. In this episode of Inspired Evolution, international best-selling author, master coach and transformational speaker Jason Goldberg takes us on an entertaining journey and shares how we can achieve self-leadership, escape fear and achieve greater success and happiness in our lives and businesses.

As an International Award-Winning Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Author, Host & Coach, Jason’s pillars of self-leadership are Consistency, Service, Mastery, and Playfulness. We dive deep into his approach: helping people all over the world live a life of Playful Mastery.

Help people open their minds to transform their lives and business. He maintains though that his main purpose in life is to help people pee their pants from laughter.

Discussing Jason’s impressive past having been the CEO of a variety of companies, consulting for NASA, a past grounded in IT and Engineering. We explore where Jason’s altered trajectory of “playfulness” came from. He starts by explaining Playfulness and what he shares as the “Spirit of Play”

He elaborates that Spirit of Play is greater than having obnoxious fun is about tapping into the spirit of Creativity. About Creativity, Jason shares:

“Creativity is Greater than Circumstance”
– Jason Goldberg

Creativity forms the foundation of a life of Playful Prosperity: Our innate ability to focus on resourcefulness of resources is the hack towards life mastery shares Jason.

He emphasizes that it’s not about neglecting your current situation and burying your head in the sand, rather its about faces the challenges of life head-on and allowing your creativity to rise above the challenges, to play with the interpretations, to play with the expectations, to play with the resources we have at our disposal.

Jason vulnerably shares that he was always a joyful jokey type of person on the outside but a long time ago it used to be cultivated from a place of self-hatred. Growing up he was 135kg and he was really heavy his entire life and from a young age, he was ridiculed for being overweight so he had this overwhelming feeling of not-enoughness and not-fitting-in. However, he found it very natural to make people laugh. It became his mechanism to getting love and approval so that he could form an “enoughness” of self through approval of others. It can as a security blanket/defense mechanism.

He shares that although this would appear on the surface as being a hindrance, he sees this now as the foundations of some of his super-powers. Humour and the ability to relate with people joyfully and empathetically. Comedic prowess, joy, humor, coupled with empathy and these things are now at the center of his own Business.

If you feel like you do not have a genius-zone or super-power, Jason says you’re just not remembering far enough back into your life (as a child or a teenager). Jason has found that looking back into your childhood past for: what you were praised for, got acknowledged for or got as a kid or whatever you got into trouble for in many cases. These are the things that are going to point you to your True Genius Zone.

Life is meant to be lived creatively and in Flow. Jason reminds us not to take life too seriously. If we look back on our lives, every step of the way, every meeting, every opportunity, every loss, every win lead us to exactly where we were meant to go. Inviting us to flow, Jason calls on us to live from our joy and grow and grow and grow. It’s a call to be Inspired… to Evolve !

Finally, this is a conversation for our creative and joyous selves. Jason shows us that it is possible to live a life that is inspiringly joyous and prosperous. That wealth and success does not come in leiu of happiness but is actually a result of happiness. He also shares deeply on the interconnectedness on one’s own self-transformation and the prowess of their business which is intrinsically coupled. Jason’s story invites us to dig deep and find our own unique message and truth and to always be aligned to this in a harmonious and fun way. In this conversation, we explore Jason Goldberg’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story that reminds us that we all deserve to be happy and thriving. Jason inspires a life of healing, transformation, and growth. Life is a gift for us to celebrate and tapping into that joy may unlock the life of your dreams.

Get Inspired !