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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Jon-Olaf Hendricks, a sober lifestyle strategist, international best-selling author, speaker, and mentor. Jon-Olaf is the Co-Founder and CEO of Option C Recovery, a new option and global recovery community where everyone impacted by addiction is encouraged and empowered to heal together.

Amrit and Jon-Olaf have a deep, raw and open conversation about a new outlook on the entire addiction recovery paradigm which stems from Jon-Olaf’s personal journey. Stepping out of current limited recovery systems and programs and forging his way into a new path to create his own successful recovery process. A chapter about a simple yet a powerful way to recover from addiction, keep sober, and move into a space of personal growth, love and success. 

They talk about why Jon-Olaf started drinking and his path towards recovery. 

As a child, Jon-Olaf lacked positive attention, reactions and responses from people of his own surroundings. He grew up with a great capacity and awareness to ask questions, but there was no one there to support him. In fact, everyone tried to shut him down, leading him into misery and isolation. As soon as he found out that he could run away from all of that, drugs and alcohol became his best friend. 

When he hit rock bottom he made the conscious decision he was done with so much pain and started different rehab programs finding them all limited. 

Jon-Olaf put a step aside and decided to recover on his own. He believes connecting, sharing, supporting, and healing together, helps people navigate back towards sobriety,  personal growth, and indeed towards the growth of humanity. 

They cave into his Option C Recovery program. A conversation around an option based on his new philosophies which revolutionize the way the world approaches addiction recovery and mental health. 

Furthermore, they dive deep into how one becomes an addict, as well as the knock-on effects of drinking, how it affects the connection with ourselves and others, and how it can have a completely negative effect in relationships, in other words how drinking can make you miss out on everything in your life.

In this chapter you will have access to a mobile app that helps addicts recover, recovering addicts stay sober, and the friends and family of those affected to better understand how they can support their loved ones and each other. 

You will also have access to courses that will help you move forward and find a balance in between your physical, intelectual, emotional and spiritual foundational pillars.  

You will uncover the importance of asking yourself what your priorities are and the impact it would have on the world if you do so.

If you are going through a difficult moment with addiction, with Jon-Olaf you will find a new way to step out of your loneliness and suffering. You will discover a new caring and loving path where you can turn your pain into purpose and your hurt into healing.

“You don’t have to suffer and you don’t have to run away from your suffering. You can heal in a community of support and love, and build whatever you want in life.”

“I want a world where kids aren’t growing up in a life that they need to heal from”

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About Jon-Olaf Hendricks:

Jon-Olaf is a Sober Lifestyle Strategist and Entrepreneur. International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Mentor. 

He guides those in the recovery process towards an awareness of their own true power. His eye-opening philosophies are revolutionizing the way we look at addiction recovery and mental health.

Having lifted himself out of rock bottom countless times, he now lives a location independent lifestyle, traveling the world at his leisure and turning his dreams into reality.

Tune In: 

Welcome Jon-Olaf Hendricks to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)

About Option C. Recovery:(00:28)

“Doing recovery on my own i managed to generate a lot of success for myself and my sobriety”

What was going on in Jon-Olaf’s world:(02:28) 

“Make the conscious decision that you are done with suffering”

Drugs and alcohol facilitating connection with yourself:(05:57)

“Connect with yourself in a state of nonattachment ”

Associating life celebration with drinking, a toxic behaviour:(09:41)

“Drinking disconnects you from others”

The disconnection of someone who doesn’t drink:(14:12)

“If you know what you want it is difficult to be manipulated”

Ways of having fun and still engaging and connecting:(17:40) 

“Quit drinking because you miss out on life”

About relationships in regards to alcohol:(23:12) 

“Allow yourself to ask harder questions to build a new life for yourself”

What about option a and b?:(30:02)

“Don’t suffer and don’t run away from it because there is another option”

Creating option c, as part of Jon-Olaf’s own healing journey:(33:08)

“Healing leads you to a place where you are capable of giving back”

Formula at Option C Recovery for all these tools we have for escapism:(36:35

“A balance across the four pilars is going to produce more success around you”

Interesting escapists tendencies Jon-Olaf has seen:(41:57)

“You become addicted when you become attached to your escapist tendencies”

Attachment serving at first:(44:07)

“Healing is the reestablishment to the connection with yourself”

Mentioned resources:

  • Amrit’s favourite book on mental health “Lost Connections, Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions” by Johann Hari – https://amz.run/4KuY – Timestamp: 05:57 – talk about community and connections

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