Jonni Pollard on Belonging (Our Innate Human Nature)

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Jonni Pollard, a recognized meditation and wisdom teacher, speaker, author of “The Golden Sequence: A Manual for Reclaiming Our Humanity” and host of the 1Giant Podcast where he is interviewed by curious minds looking for insights on meditation and the wellbeing of our humanity.

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He is the co-founder and executive director at 1 Giant Mind, a multi-national charitable organisation established to reduce stress related mental illness and lifestyle disease by delivering free digital meditation and education programs to those in need.

Jonni believes that the actual global crisis we are all undergoing is ingrained in our disconnection from our true purpose and responsibility of belonging.

Amrit and Jonni talk about the importance of rediscovering your authentic human nature, learning how to reclaim it as your greatest power, and finding fulfillment through seeing the change and impact you can make in the world.

As far as Jonni can remember, he instinctively has been devoted to honouring his spirit. As a teenager he had a foundational perspective towards humanity which he wasn’t willing to let go of. It was hard to conform with things that had no meaning to him, so he would define himself in some other way that society was demanding, becoming rebellious and isolated in his own beliefs.

Jonni had a deep desire to belong, but this non-acceptance was causing a deep pain in his heart. This eventually led him to India where he engaged in the teachings of some of the greatest masters. He received insight and support in the process of his revolutionary awakening.

Jonni discovered who he truly was and embraced it, who we are as a species and our responsibility as individuals. He adopted the foundations of how to process every speck of information that could then render into knowledge and finally be embodied into wisdom.

He came to realize that the whole sense of wholeness comes from the understanding that we belong to the greater whole and are intimately connected. That our humanity is expressed in some kind of framework that we all belong to. It is being aware of the needs of the greater whole and how we bring our individuality to serve that, elevate that, and ensure that it is stable and balanced.

Ever since, he has been on this beautiful journey of self discovery. Now he teaches Vedic Meditation and is a teacher of the ancient Vedic wisdom. This knowledge is foundational to our existence and offers a completely inclusive perspective on everything that correlates with our yearning to unify with each other and all of nature.

Jonni and Amrit dive deep into the system of creation, maintenance and dissolution that are paramount to nature and human existence and why so many of us are resistant to change.

Whatever we have been maintaining for such a long time and is no longer relevant, gets relegated into a process of dissolution and dissolves. All that does not work is here for a reason. It is here so something new can evolve; a new creation. 

When we are so deeply traumatized by the environment that we have created, neurologically we become more resistant to change. The part of the brain that is capable of creating and innovating, gets shut down so it can face the danger ahead of us. Jonni refers to “trapped in a cycle of desperation and survival” when talking about this resistance. This means that we are always on the lookout and ready to either fight or flee for our lives. That makes us feel anxious, worried, afraid and so much more. And the only way to guarantee safety and security is through the accumulation of things outside ourselves. Survival mode disconnects us from ourselves. 

Jonni shares practices to gain access to the place where wisdom lies deep within. 

He affirms you must introduce new habits to change the physiology of your nervous system and brain, referring to confronting past trauma and then coming to terms with your power. 

This can only happen if you are willing to first sit in discomfort and accept your negative thoughts and feelings. The purpose of this is to establish a habit of identifying the moment in which you find yourself in conflict, and revert it to a deeper state. The only way to access it is by cultivating it through meditation.

Within each one of you is an unexplored power to create the change you dream of. This change benefits you as an individual and the community as a whole, allowing every single one of us to break through toxic beliefs and constraints.

“There is nothing more elevated than being in the presence of someone who demonstrates your worthiness because that is the thing that awakens the human heart; It inspires the heart almost involuntarily to reciprocate.”

“The world can only change through micro conscious activism where human hearts open, connect and share”

About Jonni Pollard:

Jonni Pollard is an internationally recognized meditation & wisdom teacher who has dedicated his life to sharing ancient knowledge gained from some of the greatest living masters of our time. He specializes in teaching the art of embodying our true nature to live the most meaningful life possible.

Studying and teaching for over 2 decades, today Jonni is based in New York City and travels the world, teaching meditation, running workshops and retreats, and acting as a personal and corporate consultant. In addition, he leads mass meditations and speaks at major cultural and lifestyle events. 

The foundation of his teachings stems from the timeless Vedic tradition. The core of his teachings focus on embodying our deepest nature of love.

Jonni is also the co-founder and creator of the 1 Giant Mind Learn Meditation course and the 1 Giant Mind Teacher Training Academy. These programs have taught over 250,000 people from around the world to meditate.

Jonni Pollard’s book:

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Welcome Jonni Pollard to Inspired Evolution!:(00:00:00)

How wisdom and knowledge became Jonni’s path:(00:56)

Shift from “rejecting” to “belonging”:(05:59)

About ways to sustain humanity going forward:(10:02)

About what clicked into Jonni when facing another philosophy:(23:03)

Practices to access the knowledge that lies within us:(28:21)

About the resistance people have looking within:(40:55)

Inspired Evolution according to Jonni Pollard:(53:30)

Favourite questions asked on Jonni’s podcast:(54:38)

Mentioned resources:

  • Vedic Tradition – Mentioned in timestamp (05:59) – Conversation about belonging; revolutionary awakening
  • Meditation according to Jonni Pollard: “Meditation is a practice that establishes the foundation of the self beyond the intelectual reckoning. It exposes you through the direct experience of what you are, which is essentially a dynamic intelligent abstract field of awareness that has the capacity to respond to any challenge or demand that appears at odds to reconcile.”

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