Kamal Ravikant: Self Love – How to Love Yourself like your Life Depends on It

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Kamal Ravikant is the best-selling author of the profound phenomenon called “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It”. Book available here.

Kamal is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and co-founder of several companies and once served as an infantry soldier in the US Army. After a decade of growing his company he came to a sudden challenging downfall, which led to a depression. “If I was depressed, that was a good day” Kamal reflects. As he became physically ill and bed-ridden he touched a turning point that would change his life forever.

His transformational journey began with a vow he made to himself to “Love his self”. This grew into a meditation practice and a system of tools towards spiritual healing. This practice paved the way into a self-published book that has continued to have a profound impact on millions of readers. “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” is a powerful story that is at the heart of self-development and spiritual growth that shares simple practical life-changing practices and habits.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll hear:

  • A society where we can’t love ourselves. People confuse loving ourselves as narcissism, where it’s actually the opposite. Narcissists are in fact very insecure and damaged people who are focused on a certain perspective. While loving yourself is acknowledging and focusing on your strengths when life hits you hard.

    “What is depression? What is hating ourselves? That’s just the sword pointing inward, versus taking the same sword pointing in a different direction.”

  • Rock-bottom moment that took the turn. When everything that matters to a person’s ego falls apart, it is a very vulnerable moment. One can easily lose sight of the bigger picture and one’s self. The biggest turn comes when we reach our breaking point and all that’s left is for us to decide whether we’ll carry on or let go. The problems start from the mind, and the solution is also from the mind – within.

    “Where it came from was a moment where you reach that breaking point, it was like either you break or you decide no more.”

  • Intense relationship with commitment. When you make a commitment, you have to do it. Give it your best shot. Especially when your back is against the wall. In this moment you truly have nothing to lose. Life aligns us in the most surprising ways, failure can sometimes be the only way for us to discover how to succeed.

    “I was working on the craft, but I didn’t have the heart.”

  • Identifying the choices and working on the solution. Embracing failure and making that commitment is not just about surrender and awareness, but more of a resolution towards “I’m doing this to get better”. You only surrender because you don’t have a choice. But outside of that line is the perspective that we always have a choice, no matter how worse the situation is.

    “That one thing that we always have a choice on is to work on our inside world… As long as we’re breathing, that choice is ours… That is the one choice that can literally change everything…”

  • Recovery and how contributing to something than you is both inspiring and healing. Kamal’s deeply personal journey of recovery and how this book he created helped him not just in the practices from within the book, but also holding space for him as he created the book – to have a reason to pull through – to share this with the world.. His gift to the world is his story of how one’s strength can conquer the pain and how the mind can become our biggest weapon.

    “I had something to put out to the world that I’m still here and I have to give it my all.”

  • How to make a commitment to self. And building a practice. Comfort and laziness are common human nature. It usually takes a big leap before we can truly awaken from all the worldly distractions. Challenging life moments often create breakthroughs. Tune in to learn how Kamal recommends to look inwards with introspection and how to then make a commitment. We discuss the mindset of building a nourishing practice.

    “Real growth comes from introspection. Have the courage to walk that path.”

  • Staying committed. Commitment doesn’t have to be perfect, it means you decide what you want and do it again and again. Sometimes you’re great at it, sometimes less so. Stay with it. Commitments develop habits. Your commitment to yourself is a pure sacred act. Commitment to self and executing on that commitment consistently is the most profound and legitimate way to build self worth and thus self-confidence. It’s the easiest hack to self-confidence.

    “Commitment doesn’t require you to be perfect. This just requires you to get back and do it after you fail – your human.”

  • Self Worth. Learn to see failure in a different light. Identify the difference between being reactive and proactive. The person you become once you start to commit to yourself is special and people will sense that in you. Transformation comes from being proactive inside. It’s a spiritual work. Your job is whenever you’re in darkness, clean your window and let the light in.
  • How to Love Yourself – The Practice. Learn how to forgive yourself, let go and then make a vow. The whole practice of committing to yourself will eventually make you realise your feelings. A shift is possible. Simple mindfulness based concepts such as 10-deep purposeful breaths reciting “I Love Myself” or breathing in light 1-5 times a day. Helps re-write the mental patterns that don’t serve us. Life really is from the inside out – let’s cultivate a practice and start focusing on what serves us.

    “Making that commitment to yourself is a sacred act.”

  • How to make decisions based on Self Love. A powerful question to ask yourself in vital in times is:

    “If I loved myself what would I do?”

    Asking this question helps us integrate Self Love into our decision making and thus our day-to-day living. We are responsible for the choices we make. This helps us shift our choices towards what serve us.

  • Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a language beyond words and is the essence of self-love.

  • Kamal Ravikant on what is an Inspired Evolution. Breath of God from the source of reality, if you come from that place it’s bigger than you. Serve.

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