Courage and Bliss with Kate Cheung

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Our guest for this week is Kate Cheung, a Kundalini yoga practitioner and teacher.

For over 20 years, Kate has been practicing yoga. But when she discovered Kundalini yoga, she found new levels of stillness and a fresh way of connecting with the soul. She has been sharing her knowledge and teachings about Kundalini Yoga and meditation across the US, Europe, and Africa. Kate currently operates under a brand name Courage and Bliss.

Kate has a background in corporate managerial roles with most of her work based around innovations in terms of project management. That all happened before she left the hectic city lifestyle to embark on a continuous transformational journey. Among her many career accomplishments, she considers her ability to build and lead high-performing and diverse teams where they feel valued and have had a sense of achievement and fun as something she is most proud of.

She offers tailored private classes, group workshops and Skype sessions from Melbourne where she takes pleasure in the transformation her students experience.

Connect with Kate:

Kate’s Story of Inspired Evolution

“I was always doing yoga and I loved it.” – Kate Cheung

Kate was involved with yoga long before she ever went into teaching and even before she discovered Kundalini Yoga in the first place. She shares about her experiences of living a hectic city life but recognizes that she was always drawn to activities such as hiking and cycling around nature with friends where she could either connect with others or connect with herself. She discovered Kundalini Yoga and decided to give it a chance.

“What I did not expect was that sense of stillness.” – Kate Cheung

From then on, Kate attended a teacher training course in New Mexico where she could focus on exploring the practice further and dive deep into the subject of Kundalini Yoga. Becoming a teacher was not really the focal point and she discovered her love for teaching much later in her practices. She also recognizes the journey of the individual as the most important aspect of the process and emphasizes that the teacher is only there to lend a helping hand and gently guide the student.

“I’m just a facilitator, it’s about your experience.” – Kate Cheung

Kundalini Yoga

“Kundalini Yoga has been around for thousands of years… Kundalini Yoga means Yoga of Awareness.” – Kate Cheung

Kundalini Yoga is a type of Yoga which focuses on “the awakening of Kundalini energy through a regular practice of mantra, tantra, yantra, yoga or meditation.” Its main goal is to raise awareness of the body and prepare it for the rising of the Kundalini energy.

In the podcast, Kate explains the basics of Kundalini Yoga as well as the essential goals of the practice which primarily have to do with achieving a connection with the self, with the soul. She contrasts it to the more intensely physical Yoga which is commonly practiced in the West while describing it is a transformative experience.

“I love the stillness. I love the meditative aspect.” – Kate Cheung

We’re all aware of the fact that we need to relax and live in the present but the question of how we can achieve this is usually outside of our grasp. Kate recognizes Kundalini Yoga as simply one of the methods of reconnecting with our subconscious. She also vividly recalls and retells her first experience with Kundalini Yoga where she first took part in the meditation and deep relaxation aspect.

“In my first class, I sensed that stillness and it was really beautiful.” – Kate Cheung

The accent is on the stillness. The accent is on achieving oneness because it is from that integration where the energy can be unleashed.

Transforming from the Darkness to the Light

“There’s darkness… but there’s light too.” – Kate Cheung

Through an open and honest analysis of her own subjective, self-reflective journey, Kate describes the relationship between the good and the bad which is present in all of us. The first step is knowing your weaknesses as well as your strength in order to be able to create both representative and a holistic image of the self.

The philosophy of Kundalini Yoga is based on the notion that we can change our thoughts, our feelings, our connections, and our patterns. Essentially, we have the power to “bring ourselves to ecstasy as we’re transformed from darkness to light.”

Kate’s Message of Inspired Evolution

You will inevitably sense the authenticity of Kate’s humbleness while we are discussing very deep, philosophical topics. She is very honest and kind in sharing the insights from her very own experience of connecting with the self and her transformational journey.

The conversation has a very soothing and friendly tone, as we discuss intimate topics of trying to understand ourselves better while making a deeper, more meaningful connection. Kate was led to the discover Kundalini Yoga as she was very open to new experiences and allowed herself to be guided by her instincts. Since she’s had such success with its practices of meditation and deep relaxation, her message is all about inspiring others to discover the things that will hopefully make significant, valuable additions to their life. That’s why she invites us to:

“Be curious and connect with flow.” – Kate Cheung