Kerwin Rae on Entrepreneurship for Spiritual Development

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Kerwin Rae, Australia’s leading business strategist, businessman, coach, mentor, author, investor, and international speaker. He is the host of “The Unstoppable” podcast.

This episode is all about helping others. Amrit and Kerwin have a deep conversation about how Kerwin helps people to succeed in their business and their personal development, and unlock the best within to facilitate the best life ever.

They dive into Kerwin’s unstoppable journey into becoming a consultant.

Kerwin was drawn to business from a very early age. From selling horse manure at the age of twelve door to door to working in the security business. In between, Kerwin has had almost fifty jobs working hard every day non-stop. And since he started his first business at the age of twenty three, he has successfully overcome both business and personal adversity. 

Kerwin realized he had far more potential than he ever thought and stepped into the entrepreneurial world. He partnered with his mentor and started making business with him. Ever since, packed up with a load of experience and with the most effective mindset and skills in business development, marketing, sales, human behaviour, and entrepreneurial psychology, he has been doing what he most loves to do, helping business owners succeed and helping people succeed. 

Furthermore, they talk about the importance in serving yourself because there is a correlation between personal growth and business growth. If you work on yourself and grow, then your business grows too. It is not only about working on strengths, and weaknesses, but about noticing, realizing and working on those things you carry within that keep you from reaching success. 

They also talk about the best experience in his life, Noah, his son. They dive into Kerwin’s obsession with human performance and the importance of modelling wisdom and love, not wounds, when parenting. Through his own experience, Kerwin believes you have to become the best version of yourself to be able to help others and parent your child. He is profoundly convinced that everything he does, everything he says and every single environment he places Noah in, is going to affect in some way his progress. 

They also converse about different concepts he shares with all his clients and tools to succeed in life such as:

The importance of values. Values are connected to who you are and there is always an opportunity to pair them to different meanings. A value never changes, but its definition or its understanding of expression can, and will, as you grow.

The importance of performance and being aligned with something that is important to you. The more you are aligned with what is important, the more you will achieve levels of flow. Flow being an incredibly important ingredient in any form of hustle and challenge.

The importance of competing with yourself. Compete with yourself. Do what you like and get better at it, always regulating your stress and emotions.

The power of learning through others’ experience. As Kerwin would say “The more I ask for help, the easier life becomes” 

And the ability to process information and the importance of duality. How important it is looking at things and seeing the bad but at the same time being able to see the good; seeing them both simultaneously as one whole picture.

“Love is a synthesis of complementary opposites seen in synchronicity. It’s where you can see the good in someone; the personality traits, behaviours, and expressions, and the bad in someone; the personality traits, behaviours, and expressions simultaneously – and be accepting. Life is dual – that’s life.”

About Kerwin Rae:

Helping over 100,000 businesses in 154 different industries throughout 11 countries worldwide, with his revolutionary, no bulls*** approach to business growth and personal development, Kerwin Rae is one to watch.

Having lived through six near-death experiences including a stroke at the age of 34, Kerwin Rae consistently defies the odds and has turned his struggles into strengths. Kerwin failed every class due to undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD, and now uses his platform to empower people with the personal development skills and resilient mindset that has enabled him to succeed in life.

Kerwin has a background in sales and business development, having spent much of his life building and flipping businesses to great success. He now applies his business acumen to helping small business owners grow and scale their business through five key pillars; leadership, marketing, sales, planning, and mindset.

With the current climate rather unpredictable due to COVID-19, Kerwin has worked tirelessly to adapt his business to be more accessible for those in need. Through this he has released his Corona Care Package, a free accessible series of webinars via Facebook giving those in need a plethora of world leading experts advice on maintaining one’s business during such unprecedented times.

Due to the success of Kerwin’s Corona Care Package, Kerwin will be releasing an official documentary ‘Bracing for Impact’ in early May showing the impact of COVID-19 on a multimillion dollar business as well how Kerwin successfully pivots his business and clients towards surviving an unpredictable storm.

For small to medium-sized business owners who are dissatisfied with their lack of results or who simply want to accelerate growth. Kerwin Rae specializes in educating, training and supporting business owners to identify, plan and manage your marketing, sales and strategic planning in order to grow your business fast.

Tune In: 

Welcome Kerwin Rae to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)

Kerwin’s life prior to being a consultant:(00:02:21)

Business as a vehicle for personal development: (00:10:13) 

Best success ever experienced: (00:14:18) 

About parenting and the pressure in the behaviour that Kerwin models: (00:18:20)

Whether hustle and alignment can be mutually exclusive or not:(00:21:41) 

Kerwin’s top values:(00:31:33)

About becoming a professional having or not having ADHD:(00:35:16)

About what holds people back when trying to transform their business or personal life:(00:39:26)

Practical tools for those who are burning out in their business: (00:45:17)

Competition versus cooperation:(00:49:21)

Further key inner tools to perform at a high level in life:(00:53:50)

Favourite episodes from Kerwin’s own podcast “The Unstoppable”:(00:57:28)

Kerwin Rae’s books:

Kerwin Rae’s high level digital events:

  • If you want a three day intensive masterclass that will skyrocket your business growth and profit, you can register in “Nail It & Scale It” program here: https://www.kerwinrae.com/live-events/nisi-2/ 
  • If you want to become a leading expert within your industry or develop a sustainable business model that helps your company grow to its full potential, you can register in “K2 Elite Business Accelerator” program here: https://www.kerwinrae.com/live-events/k2elite/ 

Mentioned resources:

  • Steven Kotler: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Kotler – Mentioned in timestamp (00:21:40) – Conversation about hustle & alignment
  • Quote by Jim Rohn: “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom” – Mentioned in timestamp (00:53:50) – Conversation about the difference between pain & suffering
  • The Unstoppable – Episode with Dr. Vanessa Lapointe “Raising your children the right way”: https://www.kerwinrae.com/dr-vanessa-lapointe/ – Mentioned in timestamp (00:57:28) – One of Kerwin’s favourite episodes
  • The Unstoppable – Episode with Peter Crone “How to stop suffering and access freedom”: https://www.kerwinrae.com/podcast/unstoppable-with-kerwin-rae/ – Mentioned in timestamp (00:57:28) – Another of Kerwin’s favourites

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