Kristina Mand-Lakhiani on Self Acceptance & Authenticity

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Kristina Mand-Lakhiani as the co-founder of MindValley is a serial entrepreneur. Her esteem as an international speaker is celebrated throughout the world. Kristina captures audiences with her powerhouse charm and relatability.

Kristina is the co-founder of Mindvalley. She specialises in personal transformation. Her multitude of talents as a speaker, artist, philanthropist, wife and mother inspire millions.

Kristina builds on a career advising the Estonian government, leading to work in the non-profit sector and for the UN. Ever entrepreneurial, Kristina brings us Mindvalley Russian. The goal is to take the best English speaking authors and teachings to the Russian market.  Commencing in 2009, Mindvalley Russian is now the biggest publisher of personal growth study programmes in the Russian market.

Kristina is a world-class expert at capturing audiences. A guru of internet marketing. Kristina as a result speaks at world’s leading internet marketing events. Her drive harnesses the power of a big and challenging Russian market.

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Tune In:

  • Introducing Self Acceptance. Kristina tells us where the self acceptance journey begins. The importance of being honest with yourself. Controlling the mental dialogue. Finding the place where you can dispel the false shame we put on ourselves.

    “Every tool in personal growth requires appropriate timing to be applied.

  • Reading Fiction. The importance of reading fiction. Kristina tells about how experiences in life are the catalysts for growth. Reading fiction can be the framework to enjoy experiences you may never otherwise have the chance to have in life.

    “Transformation does not just come from knowledge… it is from experience of life plus consciousness.”

  • I’m Enough. Finding the drive to do more. Activation through self acceptance. Rewiring how we think about success, flow, resistance and challenges.

    “If you accept yourself fully you can express yourself fully.”

  • Education. We jump into the current societally accepted educational platforms. What is success? What is happiness? How do we achieve both? Kristina guides us through the importance of differentiating between success and happiness.

    “If we separate society’s idea of success with that which makes me happy then we might be doing totally different things with our lives.”

  • Depression, Stress & Guilt. Stress causes stress. The dangers of ‘the S word’ (should/shouldn’t). Kristina’s “how to” on breaking the cycles of turning everything against yourself.

    “When they enter a room, ensure that they see you first!”

  • Death. Dispelling the challenges around death. Learning to befriend death. Accepting the only certainty we face despite the discomfort it causes. Diving into how we got to the place we are at now, where we are living fearfully, disconnected from death.

    “Uncertainty is the name of the game. We are just not aware of that.”

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