Lisa Winston on Surrendering to Intuition

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In this episode, I had a chat with Lisa Winston about how she overcame insurmountable odds to learn how to go deeper and surrender to what is, and build a relationship with her intuition. Lisa is a gifted vocalist, intuitive mindset strategist, #1 international bestselling author of “Your Turning Point,” TV host and inspirational speaker. A life of extreme challenges, including losing her home to wildfire and breast cancer, made her hungry for a deeper connection to Source and determined to find her true calling. Book available HERE.

Lisa has produced many influential global summits and is also featured on online summits, national radio, podcasts, and training. Late 2019, she was featured on her first magazine cover for The Global Voice. She co-hosts and produces The Mindset Reset TV Show, a weekly series that reaches millions worldwide. Lisa is so grateful to be a mom to her beautiful daughter, Sarah, and to live, teach, and speak across the globe with her soulmate and life partner, Dr. Joe Vitale. She enjoys sharing the message that life is always happening for you and challenges are sent to refine, not define you. Stay tuned to learn how your intuition can help you get through the dark times we’re living in now and go on to achieve your biggest desires in life.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll hear:

  • How losing her house to a wildfire in just 10 minutes and being diagnosed with breast cancer two months later taught her how to die to self, only for life to hit her again with the loss of her parents. A ton of other challenging things have happened in her life, but the last straw was when she collapsed and was diagnosed with Neuro Lyme Disease that she had had for 50 years, but was only getting hit by it because her immune system had gone down. Talk about life pushing you to the breaking point. Go to 02:22 to learn how she came out of that dark time to get to a deeper place of surrender.
  • The power of awareness and GIVING IN to the things that suck the joy out of our lives instead of just GIVING UP. That’s what surrender is all about. Because with surrender, we still have the power to choose where we go from whatever difficult situation we’re in, so we can come out of it stronger. Find out more at 05:45.
  • The difficult transformation we’re going through right now and why we shouldn’t allow ourselves to go into victim mode. While it’s critical to stay productive during this time, you don’t have to be perfect at it. You can sit back and just be, and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions are flowing in you. Lisa sees the current pandemic as a painful transformation that we have to embrace as something that’s happening for us rather than against us. Hear more on that at 10:11
  • Lisa’s point of view on attachment is super mind-blowing. We as human beings get so attached to the people in our lives and everything that we have, and it’s near impossible to let go of that attachment, but the best way to let go of those attachments is to view the people and the things as gifts that we’ve been given for a limited time. None of us are going to leave this life with any of the people and things we have, so what’s the point of holding on? Right? Hear more at 20:23
  • Saying yes and walking intuitively through listening to your inner guidance. Why is that necessary you ask? Because your inner guidance will never steer you wrong. A lot of us don’t listen to our inner guidance (intuition) and that makes us miss out on a lot of gifts that could come our way. Start by saying yes to your possibilities and opportunities, and you’ll witness tons of synchronicities working towards getting where you need to be. Learn how you can build a relationship with your inner guidance at 35:29.
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