Recharge Your Health & Purpose: Practical Intuitive Healing with Luke Wallace

by | Jan 7, 2018 | INSPIRED EVOLUTION PODCAST | 0 comments

In this episode of Inspired Evolution, we welcome the exceptional Luke Wallace. Luke comes in many forms an athlete, a health practitioner, and a son. Luke is in tune with his gifts and ability to feel and see what is truly happening to someone on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levelLuke weaves together practical and intuitive healing modalities. He employs the arts of Osteopathy and Kinesiology to help people feel better and live better. His unique skills have been shaped from working both as a carer and practitioner. As well as trying to understand his own intuition and empathic skills. Through this journey, Luke has formed his own healing modality.

His intention is to help as many people as a possible with their health because inherently it is something within our control and something that he’s lost too many friends and family to; by them giving away their health. His message permeating through all that Luke shares is that there is an inherent healing ability within our own body. Therefore learning what things affect your body positively and negatively will dramatically improve your quality of life and empower you toward a healthy fulfilling life.

This conversation is about Health and Purpose is extremely valuable it shows you the importance of health and the inherent wisdom latent within one’s self to heal. Luke’s story is one that reflects that everyone has deep innate wisdom expressing through their being at all times indicative of their health. In this conversation, we discuss Luke Wallace’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story about getting totally conscious about your relationship with yourself through your innate health and wisdom. All this so that you can go out there and embrace life and allow life to embrace you –  the amazing be-ing you really are!