Driven by Passion & Purpose: The New Business Women with Mabel Duchossoy

by | Nov 27, 2017 | INSPIRED EVOLUTION PODCAST | 0 comments

Mabel was a career woman: She worked long hours, had great responsibility
and was one of the high potentials of the fast, listed company where she worked.

Until the moment where she came to a point in her life and thought:
“Is this all right? Is this the life I always dreamed of?
Is this my maximum contribution to a better and better world?
What now?
Even more of everything? Make even more money?
Is this really the most beautiful life I can live and do I use all of my talents? ”

Then followed a journey in personal growth.
Questions like “what do I want in my work” made way for “what do I want in my life”.

She discovered that for years she had lived on our male energy:
narrow focused, result-oriented action, outward and performance oriented.
This had brought her a lot and delivered a nice career, but on the other side,
her feminine side, had received little attention.
This she explains is her creativity, intuition, thinking for the common interest.

In this side where she get’s the fuel for her fire now !

She started with her female strength. By meditating, doing yoga, looking for silence,
setting herself up to be vulnerable. She allowed spirituality in her life.

She and her business partner then started with their story, their Big Why and their female strength.
And they saw that we are not the only women with struggles, uncertainties and doubts.
They found out that people everywhere constantly make themselves smaller for fear
of the unprecedented possibilities that life offers and the power that exists within us.

And when she discovered that, a new energy was released. A new ambition !
The ambition to go for what remains which is what she and her business partner really believe in !
To make the world more beautiful ! And they found this loft ambition to be within their reach.

Step by step they ave succeeded in taking profound leadership and surrendering to their natural ambition.
To create a life in which they are truly happy. Their male and female energies in balance. Work / Life aligned.

A life in which they can help as many other women as possible !

All their years of personal and spiritual growth, networking, insights, fun, pitfalls, knowledge and experience come together
in their company : The New Business Women.

They have set up a warm and welcoming company, where they share real stories and where women can share their stories.

They have built a a community where women feel recognition and connection and in which they can fully develop their greatness.
All this so that empowered women will then use their passions and talents to create the life they have always dreamed of !

Together they say: Together this is the way we make the world better !