Learn How To Make The Right Choices with Brendon Watt

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Everything in your life is an accumulation of the choices that you have made. You can choose differently and create your own future. Anything is possible.

Brendon Watt is a speaker, entrepreneur, business and life mentor, and author of the best-selling book, Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One?. Get it here: https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/brendon-watt/

He is the founder of the Relationship Done Different workshop series, a lead facilitator with Access Consciousness® facilitating classes and workshops all over the world, encouraging others to step out of judgement and into a more authentic, fulfilling life, and is the host of his own podcast, One Choice from Change.

Brendon suffered maltreatment as a child as well as physical and sexual abuse. One day in deep depression he asked the universe for assistance, whatever it may be, for he wanted to give up. The next day, Brendon came across a small advertisement in the newspaper that read, “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory, call Mel.” That’s when he first came across Access Consciousness.

Brendon had no idea what consciousness was all about until he heard their definition. “Consciousness is where everything and everyone is included and nothing and no one is judged”.

Watt lived his life under others expectations, always wanting to please others. From a young age he would do whatever he could just to make his parents happy. He was his worst enemy judging himself all the time.

Often people try to find their value according to other people’s perspective. Brendon learned that you can step out of judgement, start to build a relationship for yourself and be who you are. It is a choice, and there are choices you can make to create your life. You can start choosing right now to see what it is that is true to you; when you make a choice that lights you up, you will know that what you have chosen is true to you.

Your life is the creation from every choice that you have made. You can make different choices today to create a new life with countless possibilities. No one can make this choice but you.

Many people live in a victim space. They accept what they have and don’t make different choices to create something better because it feels too discouraging. Usually because of three main excuses: money, health and time.

Creating a change can be daunting but is exciting too. Each choice you make creates something into your future and makes you feel more present and have more opportunities.This process helps you live your life based on energy instead of judgement. Judgement does not create change and is not creative.

Brendan totally understands people who have gone through trauma and believes you can get through them. His traumas became his gifts to be himself and create a life of his own. He believes that being resistant towards trauma doesn’t create anything.

“Unhiding who you are is the key to feeling at peace in yourself”

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  • The profundity of the depth of the experience with access bars: (10:30)
  • Why we often change for others:(12:56)
  • The choice of possibilities: (19:35)
  • The duality in making choices: (23:26)
  • The difference between judgement and discernment when choosing: (27:55)
  • The close lining between gratitude and traumas: (33:42)
  • On the journey to choose in terms of money: (36:55)
  • Whether we choose our health or not: (39:41)
  • Building up a visceral personal experience to lighten your worldview: (43:10)
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