Marisa Peer on The Rules of Healing Your Mind & Body

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Our guest this week is Marisa Peer, a best-selling author, motivational speaker, a leading celebrity therapist, and a pioneering hypnotherapist trainer.

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About Marisa

Marisa began her journey studying to become a child psychologist but has later built on her career by earning further qualifications at the institute from the Hypnosis Training Institute of Los Angeles and the Pritikin Longevity Centre. She possesses deep insight into the world of nutrition as well and was introduced to it through her own personal struggles. Marisa herself had been battling with an eating disorder throughout the first 20 years of her life.

Her title of a best-selling author came to be as a result of 4 remarkably successful books, on various subjects. From teaching you improve your life by reprogramming your brain, Marisa will help you establish healthier relationships with the food you eat, build and fortify your self-esteem and self-confidence, and even increase your fertility! The subject of her last book titled You Can Be Younger was a revolutionary approach to the age-old question of how to stay young. She elaborates on how positive thinking can lead to the arrest of the aging process, all made possible by the power of your subconscious mind.

Marissa is also the UK’s leading motivational speaker, and over the years, her lectures and talks have become available all over the internet. She has held two Ted Talks, one on the topic of the gaining connection and avoiding rejection, and the other focusing on how training your mind can help you go beyond your perceived and constructed limits. Her YouTube channel also has a ton of free useful mini-courses you can explore and try out.

Marissa’s renowned for her therapy work, with an astonishing list of clients that include many of the world’s finest international superstars, CEOs, Olympic athletes and even royalty! Aside from sharing her wonderful anecdotes, spot-on analogies and profound wisdom, she will be giving us precious insight into her innovative process called Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT.

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In this Episode We Canvas:

  • Finding Out She was a Healer

She didn’t actually know she was a healer and found out she was by mistake. She went to see a therapist and loved the idea of being one. When she did become one, she realized that all her clients were impressed by what she could do. Her ability to detect exactly what plagues her clients’ health has always enabled her to help them heal. She highlights the great power of the mind in healing and teaches people to dialogue with their minds to tap into that power.

“It’s a wonderful thing that the mind can create miracles in the body” – Marisa Peer

  • Healing = Self-Healing

Through her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), she helps her clients heal by first of all finding out the root of their health issue and demonstrating it to them so they can understand what the source of their issue is, and then working on fixing it. That way, her clients become part and parcel of their healing process. When she has a client who’s in a lot of pain for example, she gets rid of the pain first, and then gets to know her client better so she can understand why they have it.

“Understanding is power and it’s very hard to fix what you don’t understand” – Marisa Peer

  • Navigating Through Relationships

Typically, when we form beliefs about ourselves, we tend to go out into the world to find people who match our beliefs, and it’s critical for all of us to look into ourselves and find out what we believe and feel about ourselves so we can start changing our lives and relationships for the better. It’s when we don’t feel so good about ourselves that we form the opinion that we need to earn love, run after it, chase it, or even buy it, and that’s a classic mistake because love is not to be run after or earned.

“We make the belief, the belief makes us” – Marisa Peer 

  • Writing a New Script

When it comes to starting a family and having kids, it’s important for a person to first change their relationship with themselves. It’s also important to understand that children are dependent and they idolize their parents no matter what. A child can do anything to feel that their parents love them, and so parents must be focused on always making sure that they tell their children how much they love them as they are.

“To survive on the planet, a baby must find connection while avoiding rejection” – Marisa Peer

  • Impacting the Planet

Marisa does believe that if we all collectively work on bettering ourselves, we could significantly impact the planet positively. She has worked with many schools on the issue of bullying, and both parents and teachers have committed to working on it. A lot of the schools have implemented the “I am Enough” policy where children are required to among other things make an “I am Enough” placard for their desks. Parents are also making sure that the same is done around the breakfast table. That has significantly led to a reduction in bullying incidents. The same approach would make a huge difference in the world if people applied it in every aspect of life in general.

“We should all be able to feel good about ourselves” – Marisa Peer

  • Rules of Our Mind

The mind learns by repetition and so it’s fundamental for anyone trying to adopt a certain habit that’s important to them to do it repetitively. Every word we say and every thought we have is a blueprint that our minds and bodies work to make real, and so we must be very careful what we say about ourselves. We can change our reality by changing our language.

“People say the strangest expressions and decide it’s real” – Marisa Peer

  • Beliefs And Healing

Research on sleep shows that if one actually tells themselves that they’ve had enough sleep, they actually operate as if they’ve had enough sleep. If one thinks that the food they’re eating is full of nourishment, they function better. Those two instances demonstrate how powerful our beliefs are and how they interact with healing. Another great example is when a parent offers to kiss their child’s pain away. The child believes that the pain will be physically kissed away and it actually does go away.

“If you think you’ve had enough sleep, you’ll function better” – Marisa Peer

Marisa’s Message of Inspired Evolution

Marisa’s insights on the mind, relationships and life in the world that we live in are just so super amazing, and she shares easily digestible and understandable stories to help us learn how we can implement her teachings to positively change our lives and the lives of the people around us. Healing is simple and we can all take action towards that by believing we are enough which then simplifies the therapy that is necessary for that healing. I hope we can all go out and share the awesome mantra of “I am enough” and together we can make the world a better place to live in.

“Therapy shouldn’t be complicated. Healing should be simple” – Marisa Peer