Mason Taylor on Levels of Health Beyond Immunity

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Mason is a wellness educator, professional speaker, retreat facilitator and a thought leader. He inspires and teaches people to embrace natural healing, while creating a dynamic health philosophy. Having spent many years studying herbalism and the benefits of eastern medicine, Mason has successfully founded his own brand of herbal tonics called SuperFeast.

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  • Quarantine Immunity. Mason shares his powerful perspective on immunity and how to access levels of health even deeper than immunity. Helping people around the world are finding their center. He sheds light on the difference between eastern and western concepts of immunity. Reflecting on the pursuit for that vitality and security within.

    “It’s not a coincidence that godliness is cleanliness.”

  • Life Cycles. Tune into the motions of the planet and its seasons. Mason encourages us to find balance and harmony through understanding nature and its elements. He dives deep on how to establish a health practice that explores immunity intuitively and is balanced in both yin and yang, resting and doing.

    “If it (health) feels ambiguous, go into that ambiguity and feel that feeling
    — That’s a great meditation!”

  • A day in a life of Mason Taylor. Mason shares his current daily routine. Peer into a day-in-the-life of Mason. From starting early and drinking warm water first thing in the morning, to going over his herbal supplement ceremony, he shares some COVID relevant insights on how various practices can greatly affect your wellbeing. Ít shouldn’t have to be hard – it should flow. Intention is a critical element. And from there is all about consistency. Setting principles in place based on key basic elements and find a consistent flow.

    “Drop into the heart and feel the stillness and infinity within”

  • Flow & Move. Mason invites us to be even more in tune with our bodies and shares how to develop a practice. Shattering labels such as dietary and exercise – “just move” . I can begin by simply looking at and allowing  your body to be present with what’s occurring – you’re already initiating the flow with movement – be perceptive.

    “Connect with your body and start doing what’s useful for your body”

  • Sleep. Mason finally wraps up his perspective on sleep and why it’s the ultimate yin practice. He reminds us agin to remove the labels from sleep and what we “think” it’s about. It’s so much deeper than what we can “know” and “understand”. He shines a light on sleep and how you can watch your tendencies and your relationship with self.

    “Finding your way with harmony – sleep is intrinsic.”


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