Michael Bayliss on Post-Growth: How To Start Making an Impact in a Growth Based Capitalist Society

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Michael Bayliss, a vocal advocate within the environmental and post-growth movements.

What is post-growth?

The world economy focuses on infinite growth: growth in national production, growth in profits, growth in consumption, growth in financial markets, growth in population. Several political ideologies such as capitalism, socialism and communism, have come to accept that economic growth is the way.

All growth inclinations have led to huge changes in terms of the relationship between humans and the earth, and the relationships we have with each other. They sustain that these changes are good, but these changes harm the earth’s ability to sustain us.

Post Growth is an emerging perspective. It is about building on the existing aspects of our world that are sustainable in order to create resilient futures. This includes strengthening ecologically and socially sustainable practices, while recognizing the finite resources of planet earth.

Michael is a critical thinker who trusts in campaigning for alternatives to infinite growth. His work is focussed on advocacy regarding choice for small families and for working cooperatively with our global neighbours to create equitable societies that do not rely on perpetual growth.

Clearly there are lots of things to be concerned about and some things need to change. In this chapter, Amrit and Michael interchange perspectives and some differing viewpoints as they turn stones over and have the right conversations to keep going towards the future that we see and want to call in.

Michael strongly believes that if you don’t have an intimate relationship with people you can’t make decisions on their behalf properly and that a diversified well being economy is not about how many things we have, but how much we are valued and validated by the people around us.

Additionally, there is an interesting conversation about spirituality and activism.

Way back, Michael used to be very argumentative. Doing the inner work on spirituality helped not only his ego get over with being wrong but has also made him more humble. They also have insights about focusing on what one wants to see more of in the world, playing the hero to the victim and how important it is to find a balance in between spirituality and activism. Staying out of language and always coming from a place of compassion and engagement is the only way.

In this episode you will have access to different alternatives to infinite growth. You will learn how to make a proper use of resources, start making an impact and how to engage with somebody else who has another set of values.

The intersection between spirituality and activism can result in compassionate advocacy and engagement for a better word

“It is really nice once your ego can get over with being wrong”

If you would like to learn more about Holistic Activism, to bring together activism and mindful practices, please go to: https://holisticactivism.net/ 

If you would like to learn more about post growth please go to Post-Growth Australia Podcast: https://pgap.fireside.fm/ 

If you would like to listen to Michael Bayliss’ contemplative, existential, art rock music with a a collective stream of consciousness, please go to: https://shockoctopus.bandcamp.com/

About Michael Bayliss:

Michael Bayliss has been an activist for the past decade within the environmental and post-growth movements. 

He is the host of the Post-Growth Australia Podcast,  which he has launched since July to interview experts and game changers on alternatives to the growth based capitalist societies in which we currently live and is the co-founder of Holistic Activism, a movement which is seeking to bring together activism and mindful practices.

Michael is the Communications Manager and former Victoria/Tasmanian President at Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). The focus of his work involves advocacy regarding choice for small families and for working cooperatively with our global neighbours to create equitable societies that do not rely on perpetual growth.

Previously, he has coordinated various grassroots community groups in Melbourne such as Doing It Ourselves and Gnomes Urban Gardening Network. He is a participant in the international Post Growth Alliance, run by the Post Growth Institute. 

He co-founded Population Permaculture and Planning (PPP) in 2015 as a means to communicate the critical role that town planning plays in the move towards future sustainable communities. PPP has since delivered workshops to activists and environmentalists across Australia. This year he will be helping to launch the Town Planning Rebellion movement.

Michael takes his policies into his home life, where he lives in an intentional shared-living community based on the Retrosuburbia principles, where he looks after a lush permaculture garden. He writes songs around environmental and climate change grief with his band Shock Octopus.

Tune In: 

Welcome Michael Bayliss to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)

The meaning of “Post-Growth”:(01:59)

“We are living in a social and economic system that assumes infinite growth on the finite planet”

Why do we fly in the face of reason?:(07:22)

“We need alternatives to a growth based economy”

How to begin to vision a world outside a potential consistent growth:(16:29)

“Value and validate by the people around you”

Spiritual development as an important piece around external activism:(23:55)

“Inner work can help your ego get over with being wrong ”

About an exit strategy for everything that is dissolving:(30:04)

“This is the only way to go”

About playing the hero to the victim:(34:43)

“Find balance by staying out of language”

Access points to start making an impact:(45:13)

“Initiate change from the love of the natural world”

Inspired Evolution according to Michael:(45:13)

“Recognizing that we are in a much more loving, equitable and interconnected place”

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