Michael Meade on The Powerful Myths that Dictate Our Lives

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Michael Meade, a storyteller, scholar of mythology, anthropology, and psychology, and author. He is the founder of Mosaic Multicultural Foundation and host of the Living Myth Podcast. Please check into this beauty here: https://www.livingmyth.org/contact

Michael and Amrit, talk about the importance of having a deep connection to our soul to find our spirit and live authentically, and about the knowledge that keeps pouring in to awaken us.  When we find our gifts and share them, we can consciously connect and become creative. We can change the world, heal it from its wounds, and have a worldview based on connection. 

The dive deep into the origins of Michael’s mythical journey, myth as language, and why people have lost their vertical imagination. They converse about ways in which the soul grows and finds its unique project and path in life, and what supports it on the journey. 

Michael was given a book on mythology on his thirteenth birthday. Though he immersed into it, it would take another 20 years before it became evident it was his path in life. At the age of twenty, Michael was drafted into the army of the Vietnam War. Refusing to take orders, he was sent to prison’s solitary confinement. After six months, he came out knowing he had a unique connection to something meaningful to him which guided him to his current calling as a renowned storyteller.

Meade called this initiation. His soul grew and found its unique project in life, by reaching wisdom and descending to the depths of his soul for love and healing. This transformation is about separation, ordeal, and the conscious return to community.

Michael talks about the genius path. “Genius” is referring to the unique spirit that is in each person’s soul. Everybody is born with a spirit which means they are gifted. When people discover their gifts and share them, they become creative and can even navigate through turmoil. Transformation at the level of the individual heart and soul generates the imagination and collective energy needed for the renewal of community as well as a restoration of nature.

Vertical imagination is the center of mysticism. It is the capacity to imagine the height of heavens and feel the depth of the underworld. In order to stay connected to the spirit, we need to have been in the depth of our soul. Meade believes there is a loss of vertical imagination in the world today which leaves people separated from the deep self and soul.

Knowledge is pouring in all the time to awaken us. We must be drawn out of ourselves to become ourselves, and the soul knows that. Call it the awakening of your innate genius, your purpose. When you hear the call you must follow it so you don’t lose the thread of your life. This thread represents the hidden eternity within and the capacity to awaken to how and where they are threaded into the chain of being.

The world is in trouble. Disconnection from nature and each other takes us to places of darkness and suffering. Michael sees darkness as the opportunity to interact with creative energy. We are living at the end of an era and are on a path to create a new one. If we have that deep connection to your souls and live as our own true selves, we can naturally become agents of creation and change this world.

Tune In: 

  • Welcome Michael Meade to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • Michael’s journey into mysticism:(01:28)
  • Myth as a real language:(04:07)
  • Being vertically connected and what holds us back from these vertical imaginational pieces:(07:11)
  • About what loss of imagination may be in service to:(10:52)
  • Why many disconnect from mythical imagination:(17:41)
  • Sense of listening and connection available in today’s age:(25:04)
  • Assuming responsibility in a collective awakening:(33:03)
  • Support on a mythical journey:(43:05)

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