Mikey Lee on Harnessing your Struggles to Redefine Success

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Mikey Lee, a sales expert, mindset master, culture architect and public speaker.

Mikey is a corporate come spiritual, social entrepreneur. Through his organisation, Beyond Success, Mikey is dedicated to his mission, to support and transform the lives of CEOs and executives across the globe.

He is the founder of Soul’d, culture specialist at Sharetree and founder of Island of Men, a men’s wellbeing charity.

Mikey and Amrit talk about the importance of coming back to our own spirit and the natural inner perspective that we carry to be able to define our own success so we can move beyond the success defined by others.

They converse about what it means to be living on a hamster wheel, how to step off it and face the challenges to heal and walk back a purposeful life.

They dive deep into the meaning of “beyond success”, all that helped Mikey build himself up after breakdown, the resistance that many of us carry to take time to ask ourselves purposeful questions and what the world would look like if it were moving beyond success.

Mikey spent the first part of his career scaling the corporate ladder in real estate development. He became a top 10 national real-estate agent. All he had and all that he would do defined him in a societal context as a “successful” being.

Mikey describes this life as one that would’ve satisfied The Wolf Of Wallstreet. He had everything he wanted, yet that wasn’t enough. He believes many of us live our life on a hamster wheel that turns because of the constant validations and judgements that come from society.

But things changed when in 2016 he was hit by depression. Emotionally disconnected, spirit destroyed, with suicidal thoughts, Mikey began his process of recalibrating what truly mattered to him.

People appeared in his life and supported him in different ways. Guided by renowned coaches, while immersed in the study of holistic practises, Mikey began to redefine what a successful life truly meant. He realized he wanted to live a life well beyond success as defined by others.

He connected and participated in men’s well being and health circles that led him to create his own men’s health organization called Island of Men. And meditated to find stillness. Coming into stillness gave him a broader listening and understanding of what truly mattered. His life became more simple, no longer chasing but celebrating with gratitude.

Ever since, Mikey has been on a mission to inspire others so they don’t go through the pain he went through, and give them the opportunity to explore life in a spiritual, peaceful and blissful way.

He discovered that absolute fulfilment came from a life of service. The more he shows up and gives, the more he receives.

Mike’s life is full but he shines when he has an opportunity to be in service with one of his offerings. And his core offering is “redefine success”. He gets paid for doing what he loves to do the most and this is the expanded life he wishes to inspire on others.

Fear and beliefs deep within hold you back from making a living out of what you most love to do. It can take a lot of work on yourself, but it is possible.

This healing journey is about taking time to step into stillness and ask yourself what does a successful life mean to you, and once you have done that, you can start to create ideas of what you wish to do.

The whole process involves taking small steps as you continue to step into stillness and learning from the wise who have been on the path before you.

Tune In: 

  • Welcome Mikey Lee to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • Where “beyond success” came from and it’s meaning:(01:38)
  • What made Mikey successful before his breakdown:(04:17)
  • What helped Mikey build himself up:(09:00)
  • Finding healing in stillness, gratitude and presence:(15:17)
  • The importance of recalibrating success in order to have mental health:(21:47)
  • Resistance to take the time to ask oneself purposeful questions:(27:38)
  • Mikey’s intentionality to take someone off the hamster wheel:(35:12)
  • Encountering those who can’t stand the chaos off the hamster wheel:(38:29)
  • The awe in spiritual connection:(46:07)
  • Imagining a world moving beyond success:(53:07)
  • Connect with Mikey:(56:33)

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