How to Live Your Purpose with Mira Kelley

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Our guest for this week is Mira Kelley, a consciousness architect, master healer, author, international speaker, and a past life regressionist. 

About Mira

Mira discovered her passion for past life regressions when she was only 13 years old. The peak experience that she felt that day really stuck with her. Years later, she found herself dealing with a chronic TMJ condition and a pain that she desperately needed to get rid of. The traditional medical approach to resolving this issue was incredibly invasive, so she decided to give past regression therapy a chance and in only two sessions – her pain was completely gone!

Her personal experience of regression therapy led her to a path of becoming a master healer herself. She has worked with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, individually and through her many programs, products, and workshops, to help them clear their emotional and physical problems, to let go of the past and to create their best lives now.

Her work has been prominently featured in the New York Times best-selling books of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Brian Weiss, Anita Moorjani and Cathy Byrd. 

Mira also has a prominent international speaking career that took her to stages all over the world and she also taught workshops that empower people to reach their goals and to live lives they are in love with.

She is the author of the internationally best-selling and best-loved book ‘Beyond Past Lives’. In the book, Mira shares the life-changing lessons she learned from her clients in order to help you discover support and understanding while also empowering you in your own growth. ‘Beyond Past Lives’ has been translated into 18 languages!

For this week’s episode, Mira prepared a special treat for the Inspired Evolution tribe – a free 20-minute meditation on self-love and trust. Click here to get your free gift!

Connect with Mira:

In This Episode We Canvas:

  • Redesigning Your Consciousness

Mira started off her career as a healer solely doing regression therapy. But she quickly realized there was potential for taking things a step further and introduced her own expertise into the equation which allows her to “redesign people’s consciousness”. She shares her experiences and explains why this approach has a lot more to offer to her clients.

“That’s really what liberates us. That’s really what allows the path to unfold and to move their life in a way they want it to be.” – Mira Kelley

  • The Human Tendency Towards Creating Narratives

In this section, we discuss the origin and the benefits of our tendency to think about life in stories.

“Stories are really a very beautiful way for us to connect with the understanding, with the lessons, release, emotions… We are truly story-based with everything. We explain our life away that way, we dream of the future in stories…” – Mira Kelley

  • The Question of Purpose

We’ve approached the question of purpose on our podcast so many times, but it seems like we’ll never run out of interesting and unique perspectives. Such is the case with Mira’s approach where she offers a two-layered answer to the conundrum.

“When people say to me, ‘What is my purpose?’, I give thin this two-layered answer… The first layer of this answer is really – the purpose is to be you… With all your glory, with all your talents,… Truly – you! When it gets a little more specific that’s the second level of the answer. Our purpose is to be here for us to be ourselves so that we can, in the being of ourselves and the use of our gifts and talents, in the fulfillment of our value… to learn how to handle your thoughts and emotions. In other words, to learn how to handle this creative power within us.” – Mira Kelley

  • How to Discover Your Purpose

From the question of “What is my purpose?” we continue to go deeper in order to provide an answer for “How can I discover my purpose?” and Mira reveals an insightful approach.

“My suggestion is, very simply, go right where it’s easy. Because your purpose is you… The expression of you. So this is not about something that is hard, this is not something that you have to deserve. This is already in you! You already know what people appreciate you for. You already know what comes easy for you.” – Mira Kelley

  • The 3 Steps to Living Your Purpose

We’ve already set the stage in the previous section and now Mira drives the discussion home with her 3-step approach to living your purpose!

1 – Discover What Excites You

“It starts by saying what speaks to me, right here, in this moment… What feeds my soul, what do I have the opportunity to engage in that really is the highest excitement in this moment.” – Mira Kelley

2 – Do It to the Best Of Your Ability

“It’s very important to do what excites you without holding back. Without any expectations… Truly do it to the best of your ability.” – Mira Kelley

3 – Do It Without Expectation

“Don’t worry how – it’s going to get to it, wherever you want to go.” – Mira Kelley

  • The Purpose of Suffering

We also touch on the subject of suffering quite a bit and here you can see the positivity in Mira’s philosophy – in the notion that we do not need bad in order to create something good. Without denying the value of suffering, Mira believes that it is not the only way for us to become better souls.

“We don’t really need to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough. Obviously, our biggest challenge becomes our greatest lesson but I don’t really subscribe to the theory that we are here to learn from suffering… I honestly believe that the purpose of suffering is to teach us how not to suffer.” – Mira Kelley

Mira’s Message of Inspired Evolution

This has truly been a lovely masterclass on purpose! I love Mira’s positive energy and how she manages to bring us back always to the things that are the most simple and natural to us. It’s just one of those episodes you can listen to several times over. I’m grateful that she shared her wisdom so selflessly with us tonight and for this message of Inspired evolution, I’d like to once again underline her guiding principles for how to live your purpose. YEW!

“Do what excites you, do it to the best of your abilities and do it without expectation.” – Mira Kelley