Nathalie Heynderickx on the Keys to Living a Mindful Life

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Nathalie has spent her life honing and developing a commonly overlooked skillset in the corporate world, and as such has become a principal resource in corporate mindful leadership. She shares her experience and deep knowledge of the IT industry to bring balance and calm to high pressure workplaces, whilst maintaining or often increasing productivity. Nathalie is best recognised as the founder of Zen High Achiever foundation with an impressive client portfolio including Peugeot, BP, HP, Mars, ASIC, AGL Energy, Air Services and Bendigo Bank.

This is Nathalie’s second time joining us and was in fact our first guest ever. Today she joins us on our third anniversary to talk about the key to living a mindful life.


Tune In:

  • Journey into Health & Peace. Nathalie dives into the importance of routine, self-practice and her formula for ensuring she sets up each day for continued and sustained achievement. Taking great influence from Indian traditions and the doshas movements through the day, Nathalie defines how she utilises ancient wisdom in establishing how she traverses each day to maintain balance throughout her life.

    “Catch the wave as soon as it comes… be more aligned with the cycles of nature.”

  • Brazilian Spirituality or World Spirituality? Discussing the notion of separations of spirituality by location, Nathalie explains her view that now, in the world we live in today, spirituality and their associated practices are no longer locked to any specific place but are available to all.

    “Modern yoga belongs to humanity.”

  • Defining Mindfulness. The two crucial elements around mindfulness can be broken down to focus and awareness. Nathalie shares how she incorporates all the facets of what she does under the umbrella of ‘mindfulness’. She tells us of a dear friend and teacher who is a monk in a monastery in Sydney, he explained to her that “mindfulness is like the footprint of the elephant” as within the footprint of the elephant we can fit the footprint of all the other animals.

    “Nature increases our awareness to what is happening in our environment”

  • Implementing Forgiveness. We head down the rabbit hole of forgiveness and how to do it with greater ease and how it ultimately benefits all, and how the ability to forgive yourself is crucial. Nathalie talks on how you are in control of your own world and being actively forgiving only improves your reality. People routinely require our forgiveness but potentially without even knowing, and therefore too we are consistently being forgiven by others without even knowing about it.

    “Radical acceptance is the cornerstone of self-compassion.”

  • Boundaries and Accepting Being Uncomfortable. Here Nathalie explains how we can look beyond the ego mask that we all wear and how to see beyond negative pain or emotions through courage and acceptance. Drawing on the actions of living and past saints it becomes clear that creating boundaries does not serve us. We discuss how we are triggered by our imperfections and that is why we set up boundaries, we are all continuous works in progress.

    “I’m pretty sure Christ had no boundaries”


At the end of the podcast, Nathalie recommends Sean Corn’s book “Author of Revolution of the Soul”, available here: https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/revolution-of-the-soul/

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