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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Oz García, nutritional counselor, anti-aging consultant, speaker and the best selling author of several books on the matter.

Oz Garcia is the founder of The Longevity Lounge, a clinical destination for anti-aging and beautification services. He provides customized longevity plans for his clients.

Amrit and Oz talk about all that it takes to live a long and healthy life. 

In his early twenties, Oz used to live against his beliefs making his public view more important than his value system. He used to be a photographer who drank coffee several times a day, smoked cigarettes non stop and suffered from migraines which no doctors were able to cure. He knew something was wrong underneath the surface and began to explore new alternatives. 

He began to frequent one of the three available health stores at the time, where he discovered a whole new concept of functional eating and bought the book “The Miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg”. Soon after reading it, he did his first fast.

Concurrently, he took a course in the Landmark Form before known as EST training and began to get involved in several courses. He also took classes at the East West Center for Holistic Health, where he experimented with new alternative methods of health and healing.

He slowly made the transition to a healthier lifestyle. He became a vegetarian for a number of years, started fasting, cut out coffee and cigarettes, and started running. Soon his migraines were gone too.

At the age of twenty four, Oz embarked on a transformational journey that has brought him to where he is today. Ever since, he practices what he preaches and strongly believes that the driver of this transformational journey is all about being passionate, curious, creative and always wanting to know more.

“I finally made a decision about what I wanted out of my life. I knew I didn’t want to be in an artificial world”

According to Garcia, lifestyle adjustments in what we eat, how we think and how we exercise are necessary as we get older. He says there are ways to slow the aging process and live well. Nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep, food, and time outdoors are critical, but cultivating intelligence, thinking, passion, community, and our “self”, are equally as critical.

Amrit and Oz dive deep into the importance of cultivating each one of these.

Oz believes good thoughts overwhelms bad impulse, and once you understand that, then you can start making choices. Sometimes these choices are not the right ones, but you learn from them that helps you go further along the journey. In regards to cultivating thinking, you can regulate what you’re thinking and what is worth suffering over or not. Destructive emotions result from errors of judgment.

In regards to cultivating community, this is central to human experience. Having a sense of belonging unites us. Being a part of a community can help you connect with others, engage with others, and boost your physical and mental health. Oz supports this with the story of a lady who lived to be one hundred and six.

We all need to cultivate a better life and it always begins with how we take care of ourselves.

According to Garcia, to be able to cultivate our “self” we have the obligation, among many, to invent ourselves or reinvent ourselves in ways that leave our mind at peace to switch to a place of joy. Joy is peace in motion.

He emphasizes on spending some time of the day thinking about what kind of a human being we want to be and journaling on a daily basis. He refers to the ”Five-minute Journal”, gratitude exercises that will help you sharpen your ability to focus on the good things in life, elevate yourself, be happier, improve relationships, and shift your mind to being positive. The more you do these practices, the more antifragile you become, therefore more authentic and more sincere.

Oz shares some ways to regulate what is going on with your body and dives into how important it is to listen to people that have already mastered that space.

“You have to earn your health, and discipline must be your shadow. Being disciplined comes with so many human rewards”

In drawing things to a close, Amrit shares a beautiful proverb to the secret of living well and longer…

“Eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure”

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About Oz García:

Oz Garcia is recognized as a world’s leading authority on healthy aging. As “nutritionist to the stars”, Oz is the go-to nutritionist for A-List celebrities and Fortune 100 CEO’s.

His unique and customized approach to nutrition and anti-aging coupled with more than 40-years of experience has made Oz one of the most recognizable names in the industry. He has lectured all over the world and has been a pioneer in the study of nutrition, biohacking and anti-aging.

Oz is the bestselling author of four books: The Food Cure for Kids, The Balance, Look and Feel Fabulous Forever, and Redesigning 50: The No-Plastic-Surgery Guide to 21st-Century Age Defiance (HarperCollins).

He was twice voted best nutritionist by New York Magazine and is frequently called upon by some of the most respected names in medicine and news media for his up-to-the-minute views on nutrition and its role in aging and longevity.

Oz has been featured in prestigious publications like Vogue, Elle, Travel and Leisure, W Magazine, and The New York Times.  He has also made numerous network and cable television appearances including NBC’s The Today Show, CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America on ABC, 20/20, 48 Hours, The View, and Fox News.

Oz García books:

  • “The Food Cure for Kids: A Nutritional Approach to Your Child’s Wellness”: https://amz.run/4eAK 
  • “The Balance: Your Personal Prescription for Supermetabolism, Renewed Vitality, Maximum Health and Instant Rejuvenation”: https://amz.run/4eAP 
  • “The Healthy High-Tech Body” (Look and Feel Fabulous Forever: The World’s Best Supplements, Anti-Aging Techniques, and High-Tech): https://amz.run/4eh6 
  • “Redesigning 50: The No-Plastic-Surgery Guide to 21st-Century Age Defiance”:  https://amz.run/4eAU 

Tune In: 

Welcome Oz García to Inspired Evolution!:(00:00:00)

About the pillars for longevity:(03:18)

Building on health & the importance of cultivating intelligence:(17:53)

Things that are critical for your health & the importance of community:(25:10)

About the cultivation of “self”:(36:24)

Going on the journey of cultivating peace and joy:(43:52)

Mentioned resources:

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  • Landmark Education: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landmark_Worldwide – Mentioned in timestamp (03:18) – Conversation about Oz’s transformational healthy journey. 
  • “The Miracle of Fasting” by Paul C. Bragg & Patricia Bragg: https://amz.run/4eH3 – Mentioned in timestamp (03:18) – Conversation about Oz’s transformational healthy journey 
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  • Muse: https://choosemuse.com/ – Mentioned in timestamp (25:10) – Meditation headband to get better sleep. It tells you how good you are as a manager of your thinking.
  • Stoicism Philosophy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoicism – Mentioned in timestamp (25:10) – Conversation about the importance of cultivating good thinking.
  • Five-minute Journal: https://www.intelligentchange.com/products/the-five-minute-journal
  • Mentioned in timestamp (36:24) – The Five-Minute Journal provides daily guided gratitude exercises and is the perfect tool to hone your ability to focus on the good in life. This journal is designed to get you to elevate yourself, be happier, improve relationships, and shift your mind to a state of optimism – Conversation about the “cultivation” of self.
  • “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” book by Malcolm Gladwell: https://amz.run/4eL6 – Mentioned in timestamp (36:24) – “Gladwell shows how the difference between good decision-making and bad has nothing to do with how much information we can process quickly, but on the few particular details on which we focus” – Conversation about practices to make you become antifragile.
  • Jack Kornfield: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Kornfield – Mentioned in timestamp (43:57) – Conversation about cultivating peace.

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