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Our guest for this week is Panache Desai, a spiritual thought leader, teacher of life mastery and personal development, vibrational catalyst, author and inspirational speaker.

About Panache

Panache grew up in East London in a very spiritual family. As he grew older, he distanced from this atmosphere of prayer and worship in order to explore new things. At one point in his life, he was an MC working his way through clubs all across London. But in his last year of University, a series of events urged him to go back to his roots and recall the principles he was thought as a child.

He moved to New York in 2001 in an effort to open himself up to the world. On his travels, he met and learned from many prominent spiritual teachers and leaders. After a couple of years, in a moment of epiphany, Panache accepted love as his purpose and began a new life. A life of service, with a goal of spreading the message of love, purpose, and acceptance. Ever since, he has traveled the globe, meeting new people, evoking and sharing divine energy. On the list of his memorable appearances in the media is an interview with Oprah Winfrey on the Emmy-award winning show Super Soul Sunday.

Panache works with people all over the world and shares his teachings, tools and real-world techniques to help them achieve inner peace, a sense of fulfillment and purpose, and create a clear vision of their most authentic self.

In 2014, Panache released a book titled “Discovering Your Soul Signature” in an effort to invite people to change the energy that surrounds them and discover their life’s purpose. The underlying premise is that life provides us with boundless possibilities. Through the course of 33 days, by following the guidelines and going through each carefully crafted and positioned section at the right time, you will rediscover your purpose and live a life of authenticity. 

Panache is also organizing a huge conference this summer in Phoenix, Arizona called Global Gathering 2019! He has hand-picked and gathered 18 world-renowned speakers who will, over the course of 4 days, inspire and empower people to live the life of their dreams. Global Gathering will be held from 23rd to 26th of August, 2019. There is a Hot Global Gathering Sale going on at the moment and you can get your tickets for up to 30% off!

Connect with Panache:

In This Episode We Canvas:


  • Why Do We Believe We Are Not Enough?

We start the conversation off by focusing on the ever-important question of “enoughness” which has been a popular theme on the Inspired Evolution Podcast. Panache offers his unique understanding by pointing out different societal limitations we experience throughout our lives and the effects they have on our mental well-being and view on life. Through social conditioning, we somehow form a belief that we are not enough.

“The problem with that is you think, on some level, that there’s something wrong with you. Because we’re living our lives from the outside in instead of from the inside out.” – Panache Desai

  • The Untold Story of Mainstream Success

We reflect briefly on the notion of “success” in terms of how the general public perceives it. Panache shares thoughts and insights from the lives of his friends and clients to highlight the fact that when we try to define “success” we usually tend to not use the appropriate or relevant metrics. We need to evaluate success in alignment with what is truly important for us in life. 

“The only definition of success that works for me is peace.” – Panache Desai

  • Understanding Limitations by Analyzing Original Design

We slide into the next topic which acts as an introduction to the question of finding our purpose. Panache describes the setting of the traditional education system and demonstrates a witty technique to deduce why the majority of the people is not feeling comfortable and in flow within a limited school setting. The system was made with another purpose in mind.

“As soon as you start to understand what the intention of the design is, you can begin to figure out what the inherent limitations are in that system.” – Panache Desai

  • Dehumanizing Social Dynamics

Exploring the causes of broad unhappiness and dissatisfaction further drives our discussion forward. Panache shares his thoughts on why he thinks current social dynamics are responsible for the fact we feel dehumanized. He strengthens his arguments by recalling examples from the medical industry.

“Our humanity is being systematically drummed out of us. It’s not OK to have an original thought, it’s not OK to feel, it’s not OK to express uniquely and if you do, you’ll be judged, you’ll be shamed and you’ll be very quickly put back into whatever box they can put you back inside of to be able to control and manipulate you.” – Panache Desai

  • The True Purpose of a Spiritual Journey

Our escape from the shackles of pressure enabled by modern society is usually saught in moments of personal growth and transformation. But Panache argues that the mainstream approach to personal development got the crucial aspect upside down. The idea is not that we need to achieve, build or attain a new, better version of ourselves, but we need to dig deep within and uncover what we have put away. Panache puts it best by saying that “personal development is about making the Ego more effective.”

“The purpose of the spiritual journey is in unlearning. It’s an unwinding of that conditioning. It’s an unwinding of everything that’s inside of us. It’s about relaxing into the core foundation of being that’s ever-present, that’s become covered over.” – Panache Desai

Panache’s Message of Inspired Evolution


Having Panache on the Inspired Evolution was such a blessing. Reflecting on our conversation, I’m getting the impression that it is incredibly difficult to divide it into sections. It seems as though all of the topics were closely intertwined and all the messages connected. The underlying concept that is bringing everything closely together, while giving the entire story a deeper meaning and a happy ending, is love. Beautiful, infinite love.

“Who you are is love! You came from love, you’re here to express love and when you leave, you’re going to return to that love.” – Panache Desai