Conscious Business: A Thriving New Paradigm with Paul Benson

by | Jan 29, 2018 | INSPIRED EVOLUTION PODCAST | 0 comments

In this episode of Inspired Evolution, we welcome the conscious business creative, Paul Benson. Paul, is a serial entrepreneur. It’s in his wiring, and he’s passionate about doing business consciously. He loves systems! He’s had several multi-million dollars a year businesses. With a background in somatic psychology, he decided that business was much more interesting and has had a successful contracting business for 30 years. He’s also committed to conscious dancing, hiking, and living life agelessly along with his partner Carol. Carol and Paul wrote together the highly-acclaimed book, “5 Steps to Thrive: Reveal Any Crisis as Opportunity,”

Paul Benson has a higher purpose in mind. And between himself and his partner, Carol: the two of them have done pretty much every single personal growth training and studied with many teachers and guru types. A real journey of the unknown for sure! Along the way, Paul has lost multi-million dollar businesses, a home, faced bankruptcy, wrote a book and basically rose from the ashes when the rug was pulled out from under him in 2009.

Their mission is to curate across generations, genders and cultural diversity the best of the personal growth systems to cut through all the stuck mindsets and grow from the inside out to have a fantastic work-life balance. Paul and his partner Carol in their journey together have not only had a blast and want to “pinch themselves” daily about how much fun they have, but have become masterful at mindset shifting, resiliency crafting and opportunity creation.

Their business, “It Doesn’t Feel Like Work,” is focused on bringing in evolutionary conscious leadership to shift the way the business is done. Doing business “the old way” isn’t working as well any longer. Via consulting and training, Paul shows people in business how to build new perspectives in work-life balance with their proven 9-point system. Think of it as Personal Growth meets Business with tangible systems!

This conversation is extremely valuable it shows you the possibilities of upgrading stale paradigms when it comes to what we believe about money, business, and finance. Paul’s story is one that reflects that everyone has the potential to make their own unique impact utilising this passions and gifts and affirms that life is for living your passions. In this conversation, we discuss Paul Benson’s habits, hacks, philosophies, and tools that have formed the threads of his success, happiness, health, and wealth. This is a story about consciously creating the world we live in so that we can live a life that is fueled by our passions!