These Questions Will Transform Your Life with Marc Champagne

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In this episode, Marc Champagne and Amrit have an incredible conversation about asking the right questions and journaling.

Asking the right questions at the right time is key! Listen as Marc and Amrit talk about the importance of timing when asking questions, the “why” questions that keep you in a victim mode loop and how to disrupt the autopilot mode.

Marc and Amrit also cave into a great conversation about the remarkable people that have left legacy in history and whether they have journaled or not.

Finally they drop into the benefits of having a happiness list, how you can get started on journaling, us being programmed to not ask good questions of ourselves and mental fitness as a priority.

Marc Champagne is a Mental Fitness Strategist, host of Behind the Human podcast and author of  “Personal Socrates: Questions That Will Upgrade Your Life from Legends & World-Class Performers” GET IT HERE: https://inspiredevolution.com/recommends/marc-champagne/

Marc was the co-founder of the journaling app KYO that reached 86.9 million people and he has studied mental fitness practices for over a decade.

“We are all ONE question away from a completely different life”

Marc experienced the challenging situation of having to delete his app because the business model didn’t work. A mental fitness app that combined curated content with guided self-reflection.

He asked himself questions that were dragging him deeper into the whole until he came across amazing people on his podcast that were asking very different questions. This helped him make a pause and reframe things out.

He stumbled on the idea of asking himself ONE question: “What do I want for my life?” That question unlocked a new path of hope and led to many more questions. He launched the Socratic Method and soon after his book.

A simple non negotiable method of asking questions at the right time. First, ask questions so you can get clear. Secondly, ask questions to help you be more intentional with your activities, habits, thoughts, or how you react. By doing these two, the third happens naturally, which is the expansion of possibility. This method disrupts the autopilot lessons you are tired of re learning over and over again and keeps your mind, body and spirit healthy.

Slowly integrate these steps. Eventually you get into a place where now your calendar starts to clear. You have more intentions because you are clearer on what you are looking for, who you are speaking with and what you are doing.

You can pause negative dialogue that clouds your mind. The tools change but the path and the work of reflection remain the same, putting your mind in a mental state to allow dialogue within yourself to happen. “what” and “how” questions allow you to progress, “Imagine if” opens up your mind to a world of imagination and gratitude, present moment and happiness flip you into creativity.

Journaling can be done any time of the day, although paper and pen journaling has its benefits, there is no need to get stuck in having to register the reflection in a document.

Marc and Amrit analyze whether people who left legacy in history were remarkable people that happened to journal or remarkable because they had a practice & journal was a support on their path. Marc writes articles on famous celebrities to bring the practice into a modern narrative so we can all use it. He believes these people were journaling in different ways but all reflected and they were using this same practice to be able to perform at the top.

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Tune In: 

  • Welcome Marc Champagne to Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)
  • Better questions coming in: (04:41)
  • Engaging with questions in a quality that can be transformative: (10:55)
  • Victim mode questions vs empowering questions: (13:40)
  • Marc’s happiness list: (18:25)
  • How to get started on journaling & find the flow: (19:54)
  • Journaling as a multiple purpose: (26:35)
  • People that have left legacy in history & journaling: (30:34)
  • Disruption of living on autopilot mode: (34:19)
  • Being programmed to not ask good questions of ourselves: (39:45)
  • What is Mental Fitness?: (46:09)
  • How heavily does Marc prioritize mental fitness: (48:15)
  • Marc’s favourite questions: (58:03)

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