Regan Hillyer & JuanPa Barahona: Conscious Coupling

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Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) multi-millionaire power-couple who are embodiments of divine union and soulful relationships. As international speakers, transformational leaders, mindset coaches and philanthropists, this blissful union has created several business ventures and charitable causes. They travel the world to speak and provide healing and personal development and relationships. They have also launched the dynamic book The Abundance Codes.

Regan Hillyer created a powerful Manifestation Training to help you call the life you crave to become your new reality.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll hear:

  • First meeting and attracting what you’re meant for. From finding that center of being and going through a self-healing journey, to finding that once in a lifetime soul connection. The universe in itself can reveal so many things that are within and beyond our control all at the same time. And it’s up to us to jump in the trance and commit to ourselves as we attract the things that we deserve. Tap into that frequency and be clear on what you desire.

    “We gotta let go and surrender and everything we think we know.”

  • Trust what you’re manifesting. Go beyond the vibration of trust and open yourself on what your mind is set to. Tap into the divine truth and start that inner work. Relationships can be the biggest reflection of all your beliefs and concepts of everything. Find that soul vibration in a wisdom level and remember to commit to who you are and what you deserve.

    “It’s not about the outside, it’s really all about that inner work. Commit into that inner work, go and dig and release those doubts. Whatever comes in the way, release that and transform it into these vibrations of knowing which comes from the soul.”

  • Love and Forgiveness. Dig deep into that mirror dance reflection of love and relationship. Open yourself to that person who can enhance your flight and help you feel safe from your vulnerability. Look at your fears, doubt and self love. The mirror in divine union is one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive. And if you are someone who’s committed to your own journey and your own evolution and ascension and self mastery, it’s one of the important tools we’ve found to actually see yourself and evolve. But the mirror comes with great responsibility as well.

    “If you are someone who’s committed to your own journey and your own evolution and ascension and self mastery, it’s one of the important tools we’ve found to actually see yourself and evolve.”

  • How do my partner navigate with projected limitations of myself? Respond, react and open your heart as you share from a humble space. Don’t speak from anger and be very conscious not to burn everything around you. When you come from a humble space, you recognize your vulnerability. Allow the other person to question themselves naturally and let them share from the heart. 

    “…it’s very beautiful how indirectly we are helping each other without touching ego. We’re not going through ego, we’re going directly from heart to heart. Ego is almost bypassed and almost burned because we’re not acknowledging ego or responding from ego.”

  • The power of manifestation and one’s sexual energy. Learn what true manifestation really is and look into that energy with yourself. We all have sexual energy, it’s a life energy. Tap into that vibration and start using it with visualization, emotion, intention and inner mastery.

    “When we tap into this sexual energy and we expand our capacity to manifest our magnetism coming from within, that’s when manifestation happens.”

  • Their take on Inspire Evolution. Inspired Evolution is the natural state of every human being. Find that thing that you need to tap on to release in order to live in inspired evolution. The surrender and allowing of the spirit to come through you in order to inspire and evolve.

    “Cos lIfe itself is always an evolution, it’s an inspiration.”

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