Sarah Prout on the Art of Manifesting

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In this week’s episode, Amrit interviews Sarah Prout, a manifestation mentor, inspirational speaker, emotional empowerment expert, award-winning entrepreneur, writer, podcast host and best selling author. 

Sarah is the Chief Creative Officer and Director of Soul Space Media, a personal development company she runs together with her husband, that publishes ideas and teachings that inspire spiritual expansion focused on the manifesting niche. She has her own podcast, The Sarah Prout Podcast and is the author of the best selling book “Dear Universe, 200 Mini-Meditations For Instant Manifestations”

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Manifesting is when we bring attention and intention to what we want to attract in our life. Sarah is convinced that you can guide your emotions, your intuition, and your energy to create your own reality, and explains the manifesting process through her own life experience. 

After getting married to her second husband, Sarah went through five consecutive miscarriages in a row. Completely broken and feeling she had been tested by the universe, she still wanted to manifest a baby. Then came the day when she showed up in an emergency room with all the signs of a miscarriage. She addressed to her soul baby’s essence that she would be fine whether she showed up or whether she didn’t. 

Sarah got comfortable with that uncertainty and that feeling was the miraculous leverage point for the universe to connect with her and say everything would be alright. Sarah surrendered and, there was the heartbeat. 

Being comfortable with that uncertainty and open to all possibilities gave Sarah her best reward. Today, Sarah is mother to two beautiful kids.

Sarah and Amrit have a fun conversation about the art of manifesting.

They dive deep into Sarah’s three elemental steps of manifestation: getting clarity and having a vision of what you want, making it really important to feel and how you want to feel, and detaching and letting go of the outcome.

They also cave into effective tools to navigate and reach each step of manifestation. They talk about how important it is to label yourself with what you are good at and the need of clarity in communication and language when finding your vision, how important it is to have an optimistic, joyful and grateful attitude towards worry and adversity because if you do better things can happen, about the importance of moments of surrender, and reaching the awareness that being open to all possibilities is the key to your manifestation. 

Furthermore, they speak about the cultivation of a mindset to choose everyday in your life and why it is so important to choose humour.

Every single moment in life is a choice point. You can choose how you react, direct your energy and take ownership of your emotions. By choosing and taking self responsibility you can manifest your own reality. Sarah strongly believes that by choosing joy, your life will turn up with more opportunities. 

In this chapter you will learn how to arise from worry and live with more intention, intuition and authenticity.  You will discover how to have the power to consciously manifest all what you want through your connection to the universe and by empowering your emotions. 

“Joy is the currency of consciousness”

“Get out of your head and into your heart and the moment”

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About Sarah Prout:

Inspirational speaker and emotional empowerment expert, Sarah Prout, went from living on welfare as a single mother in Australia, to now running a successful million-dollar spiritual lifestyle brand alongside her husband, and business partner (CEO of Soul Space Media), Sean Patrick Simpson.

Named a “Manifestation Guru” by Cosmopolitan Magazine,  Sarah Prout is an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast host, bestselling author, and mother of four. In 2019, a video produced by Goalcast, sharing Sarah’s story, went viral and has now been viewed by over 61 MILLION people around the world.

Sarah is driven by a belief that anyone can create the life of their wildest dreams and guide their destiny if they have the courage to do so.

Tune In: 

Welcome Sarah Prout to the Inspired Evolution!: (00:00:00)

Manifesting a dream reality by helping others manifest their dream reality:(01:27)

“If I show people I can do this, then anybody can”

About desires in manifestation and who we manifest for:(03:33)

“If you bring intention to every moment you have the power to guide the outcome”

People not manifesting consciously leading to problems:(04:59)

“Moments of worry facilitate the awareness of a greater expansion”

Awareness helping us transmute from a challenging situation:(07:31) 

“Get comfortable with uncertainty and the universe will reward you”

The struggle of letting go:(10:17) 

“Do something that takes you out of your head and into the moment”

The three steps of the process of manifestation:(14:06) 

Being aware and open to all possibilities is the key to your manifestation

Delusion versus optimism in the manifestation process:(16:39)

“Be aware and trust in the journey as it unfolds every single step

How important “gratitude” is in Sarah’s work:(21:10) 

“Embody and embrace joy to accelerate your manifestations”

The cultivation of a mindset to choose humour:(25:05)

“Take ownership of your emotions to manifest your reality”

“Regret”, a driving force or a hindering force towards manifestation?:(29:38)

“People end up in relationships like the one before because they haven’t taken that self responsibility ”

The struggle to visualize things:(31:35)

“What would have to happen is one of the best prefining sentences you could have”

Connection to others as a part of our process of manifestation:(37:49)

“Use your intuition as a guiding light when it comes to allowing people in your space”

About the intuitive skill of listening:(41:56)

“It is a choice whether a relationship feels right”

About Sarah’s quote “Joy is the currency of consciousness”:(43:51)

“The more you invest in joy, the more you invest in yourself, your future, the future of your children and the future of the planet”

Get intouch with Sarah:(46:14)

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